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Hisense enters the air-conditioning market with products designed for Australian climates


Hisense, a brand we already know for its impressive TVs, soundbars and refrigerators, has launched a new range of air-conditioners which are designed especially for Australian customers and the Australian climate.

The Hisense R&D team developed these products with Australian climates in mind.

In fact, our unique climate was the decision behind providing reverse cycle solutions (heating and cooling) for the cooler southern regions and cooling only models for the northern regions.

“Reliable cooling solutions are incredibly important to consumers – especially in Australia with its typically long and hot summers,” says Andre Iannuzzi, head of marketing at Hisense Australia.

“With a sleek minimalistic design, quiet function and efficient performance, the range of both reverse cycle and cooling-only units offer Australians even more choice to find an air conditioner that best suits their home and lifestyle.

“Australia is a vast continent with multiple climate zones, from the southern states which typically experience mild weather patterns to the hot and humid tropical weather of the north.

“Due to the sheer size of the country, consumers have varying heating and cooling needs.

“Our range has been engineered with high consideration of the Australian climate, withstanding ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius without compromising performance.”

The competitive Hisense range of air-conditioning products will be available from The Good Guys around the country from November with a starting price of $799.

There will be six models in the range which all come with a five year warranty.

The range utilises an inverter system which can manage temperature fluctuations and the electricity waste generated by fixed speed systems.

The on-board technology uses flexible speed for full control over the compressor to optimise performance.

All these factors combined with optimised inner air ducts and tunnels mean the Hisense air-conditioners offer significant energy efficiency.

Under the hood are Silver Ion Filters which trapped air impurities and eliminate bacteria to provide cleaner and purer air throughout the room.

Each of the units also feature the Hisense Quiet Mode which have been engineered to support efficient airflow and minimal noise without reducing performance.

The biggest benefit of this is having the unit run on a hot night without interrupting your family’s sleep.

There is also Eco Mode and Smart Mode onboard.

Eco Mode provides an energy saving performance while Smart Mode can set the temperature and direction of airflow based on optimal room temperatures.

The Hisense AC units also feature IFEEL – a technology that uses a temperature sensor in the remote so the system will adjust based on where the remote is located rather than local temperatures.

* Stephen Fenech travelled  to Berlin  as a guest of Lenovo and Samsung