Uniden Guardian App Cam review – keep an eye on your home from anywhere

Security is something home owners are becoming more conscious about and product that are providing peace of mind are wireless internet cameras like the Uniden Guardian App Indoor Cam 26 and Outdoor Cam 25.

Uniden has responded to the demand for this added security at home with these two plug and play models.

They can be used to monitor inside or outside of your property to check for intruders, keep an eye on your kids or your pets or your office or holiday house.

Cameras installed in homes and offices is nothing new but installing them was quite a chore and monitoring them was only possible on dedicated screens that could run into the thousands.

The Uniden Guardian App Cam 26

But it’s a different story today and the Uniden Guardians are excellent examples of what’s possible today to achieve the same surveillance results easily and affordably.

Uniden’s Guardian App Cam 26 and 25 are indoor and outdoor cameras respectively and they utilise your wi-fi connection to be able monitor your premises using a dedicated app on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

The Guardian App Cam 26 is a wireless indoor camera located on a swivel base that can sit on a surface or hang from a ceiling or wall.

Even though the Cam 26 is designed for indoor use – you’d still get away with having the device under cover on a front or back porch.

The Uniden Guardian App Cam 25 is designed for outdoor use

The Uniden Guardian App Cam 25 is high definition (720p resolution) weatherproof camera that’s barrel-shaped and also offers easy plug and play ease of installation.

Each camera has built-in wi-fi so they be controlled and viewed wirelessly from within your network and remotely from outside your network from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Set up is pretty straightforward. First step, once the cameras are plugged into power, is to link wirelessly to each camera’s network using your smartphone or tablet.

For our reviews the cameras’ networks showed up on our devices and we were able to link with the generic passwords (don’t worry you HAVE to change these later).

The Uniden Guardian App Cam can be installed anywhere in the home or office

Next step was to add the camera to the Uniden Guardian app. Here you can give the camera a name.

Users have the option of connecting the camera wirelessly or with a cable – there’s an Ethernet port on the back of the camera.

But considering the places you’re likely to want to position the camera there’s probably not going to be a modem or Ethernet switch close by.

So you’re best option in this situation is to connect the camera to your wireless network.

In terms of installation it is easy to mount either camera wherever you want with the included bracket (Cam 26) or mount (Cam 25).

The Uniden App Cam app lets you keep an eye on things remotely

The only issue users will face is the fact that the cameras need to be connected to a power point with the included adaptor.

Now with the camera positioned high up in the corners of a room inside and in difficult to reach places outside you’ll have to think about extending the reach of the nearest power point or installing a power point near by and then concealing the cables.

If you need to do this it will increase the set up cost somewhat but, on the upside, it will mean your camera is always powered up day or night.

And speaking of day or night they can capture clear video at any time including at night thanks to Ultra Night Vision courtesy of the InfraRed LEDs around the lens.

Each camera has a microSD card slot so recordings can be locally stored and viewed later on a computer.

Through the app, users can watch live or recorded footage or they can choose to receive push notifications or emails if any movement is detected.

The Cam 26 indoor camera has a couple of added features that you won’t find on the Cam 25 outdoor model.

One is the ability to pan and tilt the camera so you can scan even more of the area where it is installed. It can pan through 270 degrees and also tilt through 110 degrees so you’re not going to miss a thing.

We found this a handy feature when we wanted to keep an eye on our two Dalmatians. They don’t always sit right on front of the camera but we were able to scan the backyard with the pan and tilt function to see exactly where they were.

Another feature is the walkie-talkie functionality which makes it possible to communicate through the camera to the app and vice versa.

The quality of the video is very impressive and you can also capture good quality still images as well.

The Cam 25 outdoor camera has a weatherproof rating of IP66 so it can handle being outside in a downpour.

And you can rest assured the wireless stream from the cameras is digitally encrypted so no one can hack into your system.


Anyone looking to set up wi-fi security cameras for added security at home should consider the Uniden Guardian App Cams inside and out.

They are easy to set up and link to the free app on your smartphone or tablet to monitor your place from anywhere in the world.

There is a bit of work involved finding or even installing a power point to power the cams in those hard to reach places but it is well worth it to keep you, your home and your family more secure.

Uniden Guardian App Cam

Price: Cam 26 (Indoor) $199.95; Cam 25 (Outdoor) $149.95.



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  • Dan Zahra

    great review.. I just purchased one of these, the App Cam 26 indoor cam and the motion detection is really bad, it doesn’t pick up any movement unless I wave my hand right in front of the camera, like 6 inches away. I have the settings right up to maximum detection but it doesn’t pick anything up. I don’t know if it’s faulty or they are all like that, can I ask how is your one with Motion Detection?

  • Josh

    I cant connect to the camera unless I’m connecting from within the same wifi or local network. Once I step out of the house – nothing!!! And there are no instructions whatsoever on how to connect to this camera via the internet! I’m just awaiting a phone call tomorrow, if this still cannot happen perhaps suing for misleading advertising would be the way to go!! Damn the ‘plug and play claims’..

    • Tricia Skiles

      Did you figure out how to watch live video away from home? I just got the uniden 25 and there are no instructions on this. Thanks!

      • Josh

        Apparently you don’t have to do much apart from connecting the camera to a home wifi, setting up your phone with the given passwords, then opening the app to pick up the signal via the Internet. You need high bandwidth and fast internet for this to work! I eventually changed the camera’s antenna and placed a much larger wifi antenna- that improved the pick up significantly. Call uniden Australia if you still can’t connect. Good luck

  • Andrew

    Spec’s on this unit are extremely lax and hard to locate, the range is listed at 40feet on US info and no Spec’s are listed by uniden in Australia, currently looking for ir illumiators in an attempt to get some decent night vision but there are no Spec’s on what frequency the led lights are.
    Big name company that I thought I would be safe with, but a badly executed product.

  • Masaru Kamide

    I am having trouble connecting to wifi at home with appcam25.
    Went through step by step to connect but when the camera has done rebooting and supposed to have connected, it still shows “direct connection” and not connected through wifi. So I can’t view the image unless I’m at home…

  • Trance

    For something that is supposed to be plug and play I’m having major issues with connectivity outside the home. The App refuses to find the camera unless I’m connected to the same Wifi network (pointless) and the App also refuses to close unless you ‘force stop’ it. Will be speaking to Uniden support tomorrow to try and resolve but out of the box I’m completely underwhelmed!