How Tech21’s new cases with patented FlexShock can protect your iPhone

Tech21 – the company boasting unique smartphone protection using a patented shock-absorbing material – has released a new range of cases for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

At the heart of all of the Tech21 products is FlexShock – a material injected into the edges of the cases.

FlexShock has remarkable shock absorbing properties and enables the iPhone cases to withstand a drop from a height of two metres.

The material absorbs and dissipates the force of the impact and keeps the device safe.

The advantage FlexShock provides for Tech21 cases is the fact they are 30 per cent thinner and 60 per cent lighter than competitor products offering the same level of protection.

The Tech21 Evo Elite case

We have been using the Tech21 cases with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus for two weeks and had a few accidental drops of the devices – including one incident where we fell backwards to the ground with the iPhone 6S Plus in our back pocket and it came out unscathed.

The range includes the Evo Mesh Sport Case, the Evo Mesh Case and the Evo Elite case.

These all offers protection with the FlexShock material – which only used to be be available in orange – but is now being offered in a variety of colours – blue, green, pink, smoky black and white.

The Evo Elite range now also match the colours of the iPhone – space grey, silver and gold.

Each case offers easy access to buttons, headphone jack and the Lightning port although we did have to remove the case for it to fit on Apple’s new iPhone charging stand.

The Evo Mesh Sport Case and Evo Mesh Case are available in Apple Stores for $59.95. The Evo Elite cases are $69.95.



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