Henge Dock is a stand for your MacBook Pro that powers your desktop

Apple’s MacBook Pro is a versatile product and the new Henge Dock can help you easily store it, charge it and make it the centre if your connected desktop.

The Henge Dock has a sturdy construction and is made of similar aluminium material as the MacBook Pro.

It has a wide stand with rubber grips so it is stable and it’s not going to move easily once you position it on your desk.

Our MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display slipped precisely inside the Henge Dock.

The inside of the product is lined with rubber so there’s no risk of scratching the laptop when you take it in or out.

But the Henge Dock isn’t just a stand.

The dock lines up with all of the ports on the left edge of the MacBook Pro – power, two Thunderbolt ports (also used as MiniDisplay ports), USB 3.0 port and the audio jack.

From the bottom of the dock you’ll see cables coming from each of those ports to extend them and allow easy connection to a monitor and other peripherals on your desktop.

There is a little work to set up the Henge Dock to suit your needs.

Firstly you need to use the included tool to secure all of the cables and then line up the magnetic power adaptor so the MacBook Pro can be charged when it’s inside the dock.

There is a row of screws on the outside of the Henge Dock covered by a discreet black strip so each cable to each port can secured individually.

Having a Henge Dock means you can easily set up one or two external monitors and a wireless keyboard and mouse so that the MacBook Pro will power this desktop set up.

The Thunderbolt connections on your MacBook can be used to either connect to an external display or fast data transfer.

You’ll need to make the decision on how you’d like to use these ports when you’re setting up the Henge Dock.

The dock comes with two MiniDisplay port cables so you’ll need to bring your own ThunderBolt cables if you’d prefer to opt for the faster data sharing option.

The cables from each of the ports can be organised to run out of the back of the Henge Dock

And when you’re ready to leave simply pull out the MacBook Pro and you’re on your way.

But if you want to take the power cable with you then you need to unscrew the cable and pull it out. Either that or buy a spare power cable and leave it in your laptop bag.

The Henge Dock is an excellent accessory that provides an elegant and useful way to store your MacBook Book Pro.

It is priced at $149.99 and available from Streetwise, MacintoshAddict and Rushfaster.







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