Telstra customers can now get a new smartphone every year

Telstra is launching a new program to give customers the option of upgrading their phones after 12 months even on a 24-month contract.

Customers have made it clear they want an affordable way to get their hands in the latest devices.

In fact, 46 per cent of Australians would like their telco to offer the latest smartphone part way through their plan.

Traditionally, users chose a handset and had to stick with the device for the two-year term of their contract.

Now Telstra will introduce the option of upgrading after 12 months to satisfy the desire by customers to have the latest devices and features.

Customers who want the option of an upgrade after a year simply add $10 a month to their plan and return their existing smartphone in good condition and in working order to trade up to the new model.

Research revealed customers aged 25-34 were most interested in the new plan feature with 63 per cent in favour of the option followed by 18-24 year olds (61 per cent) and 35-44 (55 per cent).

“We know lots of Australians really look forward to getting their hands on the latest smartphone technology and we want to give customers the chance to experience that ‘new phone feeling’ more frequently,” says Telstra’s Group Managing Director for Product, Warwick Bray.

“So we’re introducing the option for customers to get a new smartphone every 12 months as an add-on with selected handsets across our new 24-month consumer plans.”

Customers can register their interest and find out more about the plans here.

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