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TimePorter lets you take your Apple Watch anywhere and keep it charged


If you want to travel with your Apple Watch, then TimePorter makes it easy to carry your essential accessories while it can also be used as a stand when you reach your destination.

TimePorter, from TwelveSouth, looks like a glasses case and has room to neatly wind your extra-long charging cable and also store the USB charging adaptor.

The outside of the case has an opening for the magnetic Apple Watch charging disc at the end of the cable so users can position the device on top of the case for a recharge.

This is handy to have when travelling because it sits neatly on the bedside table of your hotel room and positions your Apple Watch like a clock radio.


And instead of relying on the hotel switchboard for a wake-up call, TimePorter can also turn your Apple Watch into your own personal alarm clock as well.

The case has a hinge that allows the lid to be set at different angles so you can set it to comfortably view the Apple Watch screen at any time of the day or night.


Apple Watch can be positioned vertically with the band wrapping around the case or horizontally if your strap can lay flat.

If you have a USB battery charger, there’s also room to tuck that inside the TimePorter case as well so now you can charge your Apple Watch anywhere.


TimePorter is available now from Beezer and MacAddict and is priced at $69.99.