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The award-winning energy efficient TVs that can save you hundreds per year


tvenergystarTVs that can save consumers hundreds of dollars a year because of their increased energy efficiency have been recognised by national awards.

Samsung and LG both won SEAD (Super Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment Global Efficiency) awards for producing the most energy efficient products.

Samsung actually won two awards for its 8-star TV in the small and medium size categories while LG won its award for its 46-inch LM6700 7-star TV in the large category.

An 8-star TV can cost as little as $21 a year to run based on 10 hours of daily viewing while a 3-star model could cost seven times more to run for the same period.

LG’s 7-star LM6700 costs just $69 a year to run – far less than the operating cost of some current 2-star TVs which have running costs of $250 annually.

These winning TVs used about half the power of similar sized screens on the market which shows how important it is for customers to choose the right TV for themselves.

And these energy efficiencies are not always necessarily seen on just the most expensive TVs on the market.

The award-winning LG 46-inch LM6700 costs just $69 a year run

Customers can save themselves hundreds of dollars year in electricity charges simply by upgrading their older power-guzzling TVs to a current energy efficient model.

With the competition in the TV market so fierce, there is already work being carried out by manufacturers for even more energy efficient TVs as each new generation of displays are produced.

More than 2.4 million TVs are sold each year in Australian while televisions are responsible for about seven per cent of a household’s annual electricity consumption globally.

And from April next year, the star energy rating system in Australia will be upgraded to remove the least efficient TVs from the market.

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