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Bose VideoWave II an all-in-one TV, home theatre and audio system


videowave2mainBose has updated its all round entertainer – the VideoWave II – which is a full high definition TV, home theatre and music system in one.

VideoWave II is a next generation entertainment system that produces spectacular sound and images thanks to Bose’s breakthrough.

Available in 46-inch and 55-inch models, the VideoWave II has a 1080p backlit LED display to offer sharp and clear images with excellent contrast and vivid, life-like colours.

The device can be either wall-mounted or positioned on a stand.

It needs just one cable to link to the control console which can connect up to six products including a Blu-ray player, gaming console, free to air and cable set top boxes and Apple TV.

The Bose VideoWave II all-in-one entertainment system

And all of these devices can be controlled with the Bose click pad remote which uses a few buttons with every command able to be completed without even looking away from the screen.

The remote doesn’t even need to be aimed at the screen as it uses RF technology instead of infrared.

But the real amazement comes from the audio side especially in home theatre mode.

The Bose VideoWave II has a central console to connect all of your sources as well as an iPod dock

The actual system sits behind the display and creates a virtual surround sound experience without the need for separate speakers or cables.

In fact, the VideoWave II will make users think they’re hearing sound from areas of the room where there are no speakers.

There is a cluster of six high performance woofers inside the system which has been matched to the powerful acoustic Bose waveguide.

The Bose PhaseGuide technology comes into play with its seven-element speaker array distribute the sound well away from the screen and around the room.

The Bose VideoWave II can all br controlled with this simple remote

Also on board the VideoWave II is AdaptIQ technology which can optimise the audio output depending on the room shape, size and even the furnishings in the room.

Also included the VideoWave II is an iPod dock so users have a high-end audio system that utilises the waveguide technology to create an amazing soundscape equal to that of a dedicated multiple component audio system.

In this mode track information is displayed on the Bose VideoWave II’s screen with the click pad remote offering complete control.

The Bose VideoWave II is available in 46-inch and 55-inch models

The Bose VideoWave II is available in Bose stores from July 30 and is priced at $6,999 for the 46-inch model and $7,999 for the 55-inch version.

These prices may appear high but when you consider you’re getting a high quality full HD television, a surround sound home theatre system and a top shelf music system in the same product, the value will be recognised by anyone who appreciates high quality home entertainment.

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