Modern technology gives us many things.

Now you’ll never lose a thing or leave anything behind with the MYNT tracker


If you’re the forgetful type, then the MYNT smart tracker is just what you need. It’s the world’s thinnest smart button that can be attached to anything so you’ll never lose a thing.

The device is just 5.5cm long, 2.5cm wide and 3.5mm thick.

And being this tiny makes it easy to fit it in your wallet, attach it to a laptop, embed it in your child’s clothing or use it as a pet tag.

MYNT is paired with an app on your smartphone and provides an alert when the two are separated.It is thin enough to be placed inside other objects or can be attached with an adhesive or a tie.


Within the app, users can specify how the MYNT tracker is being used.

For example, you may have placed the thin device inside your wallet or attached it to your keys.


This way if you leave those keys or your wallet behind, you’ll receive an alert asking if you forgot that particular item.

MYNT is also bidirectional so if you leave your smartphone behind and still have the MYNT in your wallet or on your keys, you’ll receive an alert.


One long press on the tracker will make your phone ring to help you find it faster.

Parents can place a MYNT tracker inside their child’s clothing and, if they move outside of a preset distance you’ll receive a warning.

It’s the same thing for pets. If they leave your property you will be notified immediately.


But it can be also used with any item that might be hard to find including the TV remote, your passport, your wallet or anything else.

Within the app you can tap on the icon of the item you’re looking for and the MYNT tracker attached to that item will beep to make it easier to locate.

If you lose an item with a MYNT tracker attached you can receive help from the MYNT community.


MYNT users will be able to detect a lost MYNT tracker within 50 metres so you have the support of thousands of users around the world.

The MYNT app works on both Android and iOS and can be downloaded and installed for free. There’s also an app that works on Mac OS X.

MYNT trackers are available in four colours – black, gold, silver and blue – from and are priced at $25 each.