Modern technology gives us many things.

Now you can remember all of your online passwords with Dashlane – for free


All the experts tell us to have long and strong passwords for each of our different accounts and to change them every month or so, but trying to remember all of them is near impossible.

As a result, many people use the same passwords across multiple accounts.

Hackers and cyber criminals know this is a common habit so if they can crack one of your accounts then they’ve got access to most of your accounts.

So what do we do?

There is a free and easy solution with Dashlane that works on your Mac, PC and also on iPhones and Android devices as well.


It is a password and digital wallet manager that can do all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to generating and remembering a strong password for each and every online account you have.

Think of how many you have now for social media sites, banking, shopping, streaming services, airlines, Gmail – it’s not uncommon to have 50 online accounts that all require different passwords.

What Dashlane can do – once you’ve signed in with your email address and a strong master password – is create and store a password for each of your accounts and automatically apply them when they’re need.


Dashlane will automatically enter your username and password and you’re logged in instantly.

So you don’t need to remember anything.

It even works with multiple step log-ins without the added clicks and keystrokes.

And you can also choose automatic password changes on your favourite sites that are saved on Dashlane and available on all of your mobile devices as well.


All of your stored passwords are encrypted so don’t think Dashlane is browsing them – they can’t even seem them. And even if Dashlane is hacked – the strongest encryption in the world – AES-256 – has got your back.

You can also take a look at your current passwords in Dashlane’s security dashboard and identify dangerously weak or repeated passwords in a click.

There’s also a vault within Dashlane to store sensitive documents, wi-fi passwords and software keys.


But apart from remembering your passwords, Dashlane is also a digital wallet as well and can store all of your payment types as well including credit cards, PayPal and bank accounts.

In the same way Dashlane can remember and produce your passwords, it can also present you with your different payment methods when checking out of an online store.

Dashlane can store receipts and screenshots of your receipts as well so you can easily keep track of all of your purchases.


Dashlane is also pretty good at filling out online forms so it can remember your address, phone number and postcode.

So next time you’re presented with a form like this on your computer or on your smartphone, let Dashlane do all the work.

Dashlane is available now – and the best thing is – it’s completely free with no hidden fees or monthly charges.