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New Lowepro bags designed to safely carry your camera gear – and your drone

Lowepro has been creating bags since the late 60s to safely carry around our delicate camera gear in comfort and that tradition continues with the latest wave of products for all of our computers, mobile devices and even drones.

Tech Guide has been using the new Pro Runner RL x480 AWII and DroneGuard CS400.

Both bags have Lowepro’s trademark sturdy yet lightweight design and organisational pockets and padded zones to fit in a surprising amount of gear and accessories.


The Lowepro Pro Runner bag is aimed at photographers who want to carry their equipment with them when they’re travelling or whenever they are heading to a shoot.

The bag is the right size to meet standard carry-on requirements when you’re flying.


It’s 52.5cm high, 35cm wide and 22.9cm deep with a weight of 4.36kg.

It has wheels so it can be easily pulled along with the pop-out handle. And for those times when rolling isn’t an option, the Pro Runner can also be worn as a backpack.

It has 3D mesh padding on the back and contoured shoulder straps along with a removable waistband belt so you can carry a decent load in comfort.

The main cargo area of the bag opens up completely so it can be laid flat and front of the bag can be unzipped and hinge completely out of the way.


In here you can fit two DSLRs – one with a lens attached along with up to six extra lenses and lights.

This compartment includes Lowepro’s MaxFit System of padded dividers which are easily adjustable to fit and protect all of your equipment.

It’s easy to adjust the dividers thanks to the Velcro on the side walls and on the main dividers themselves.

There’s also a removable accessory case which can store charging cables, cords, batteries and hard drives.

On the inside of bag’s lid are extra pockets for added storage along with smaller pockets designed to hold memory cards.

On the front of the bag (which we’ve been calling the lid) are extra compartments to store up to a 15-inch laptop, a tablet and even more padded pockets to store other delicate devices.

The front of the bag has two side pockets to store easily accessible things like a smartphone, sunglasses or your passport.


And there’s even room for a tripod right down the centre with a couple of straps to hold it securely in place.

One hidden feature is the all-weather cover that folds out from a pocket at the bottom of the lid for added protection against the weather.

DRONEGUARD CS 400 – $285

Drones are becoming more popular than ever as a totally new photography tool.

These flying cameras can provide an angle for photographers and videographers that would have cost thousands of dollars to capture with a helicopter.

But carrying around a drone, the remote control, spare batteries and other accessories isn’t easy without a bag.


Lowepro has recognised the growing drone trend and released the DroneGuard CS400 which is designed to fit either a DJI Phantom or 3DR Solo and similar sized drones.

The bag, which can also be worn as a backpack, is fairly light at 2.2kg because its made of the lightweight yet tough FormShell material.

It’s 55.7cm high, 38.1cm wide and 25.5cm deep.


Inside the bag are adjustable sections so the drone can easily fit in the centre even with the propellers still attached.


There’s also a smaller compartment to fit the controller and another zipped compartment opposite to store loose accessory like chargers, batteries and cables.


Inside the lid is a handled and removable storage panel that can organise smaller fragile parts like propellers.

The DroneGuard CS400 is not only a great way to transport your drone but also a great way to store it as well.