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New RescueTec product can rescue a wet smartphone


rescuetec2We all know smartphones and water don’t mix but a new solution called RescueTec can offer your device a second chance and bring it back to life.

RecsueTec is a satchel filled with a smart compound that’s 700 per more effective than homemade solutions like soaking in a cup of rice.

If a device is dunked it can be placed into the RescueTec satchel and sealed inside.

From here the “molecular sieve” compound goes to work to extract moisture at low relative humidity.

The satchel itself is made of special membrane material to allow for faster removal of water and vapour.

To complete the picture there’s an indicator that tells the user when their device is ready to be switched on again.

This is a vitally an important feature as turning it on again too early can cause permanent damage.

The RescueTec satchel which contains highly absorbent molecular sieve material

So not only can the device itself be saved but, of more concern, is usually the valuable content onboard.

It is surprisingly common for smartphones and other personal electronic devices to get dunked.

The most common scenarios of smartphones and other devices getting wet:

* Falling/being thrown into a pool;

* Accidentally washing the device with your clothes

* Spilling a drink on your phone

* Dropping the device into a toilet

* Children accidentally wetting it while they’re playing with it

* Bad weather

RescueTec is available now from and is priced at $29.95.

RescueTec can express post a RescueTec satchel for delivery the next business day and it will soon be available through major retailers.

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