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LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum review – this product really sucks


When it comes to cleaning, any product that can make the task easier and quicker is welcomed and LG’s new CordZero HandStick Vacuum certainly ticks those boxes in your home.

The LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum is actually two products in one – an upright vacuum cleaner and a handheld mini vacuum – so there’s no limit where you can use it in your home and even in your car.

The slender product weighs just 2.8kg and has a long handle so there’s no need to bend your back while using it.

Under the hood is an 18V motor that’s located closer to the bottom of the device so it has a low centre of gravity to glide easily over your carpet, tiles or floorboards.

The LED headlights

The swivel head can move through 180 degrees so it’s easy to get in, around and under furniture and other obstacles.

And of course having no cord makes it a breeze. No need to look for a power point and you won’t get tangled in the cord either.


There’s also a set of headlights so you can see what you’re vacuuming especially when you’re under furniture and in dark corners.

The LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion power pack which runs for about 30 minutes in regular mode or 20 minutes in power mode.

LG has cleverly put a spare power pack on the charging base so you can swap it out and have another 20 or 30 minutes of usage.

But when they are both exhausted it takes more the four hours to recharge completely again.

The battery indicator

There’s a handy battery indicator so you know exactly how much juice you’ve got left before you need to make the swap.

With a press of the release buttons the motor and dust container comes free so you can use it by hand.

You get the same impressive power but this time you can use it on the couch, in tight corners, along skirting boards and in your car.

The handheld unit detaches from the product

There’s a built-in brush that unfolds so you can make that spot cleaning even easier.

It has an anti-tangle brush so it won’t get completely tied up with hair when you’re vacuuming.


We did see some hair get caught on the brush but, unlike other vacuum cleaners, it was easy to remove.

For our review we did put it to the test on a daily basis. We have two Dalmatians who sit on our rug when we watch TV in the evenings and they leave behind short white hairs.

The LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum handled this with ease thanks to its impressive suction.

The lithium ion removable battery

One of our only complaints was the size of the dust container. It’s pretty small at 0.35 litres and gets full quickly if you’ve got pet hair and lots of dust to clean.

If we used the LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum for an hour we had to empty it two or three times.

The dust container


The LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum is a compact powerhouse that’s lightweight and easy to use to keep your house clean and tidy.

It is powerful enough to keep your home free from hair on your carpets and furniture if you’re a pet owner and it works just as well on hard floors.

The charging base with the spare battery

When we say the LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum sucks – it couldn’t be a higher compliment.

LG CordZero HandStick Vacuum

Price: $449