Modern technology gives us many things.

Get your gadgets organised and charged with the Smorgasbord Sovende


One thing nearly all of us admit we need to do is get organised. The Smorgasbord Sovende can help you do just with your stuff and your gadgets as well as keep them all charged we well.

Sovende can sit by your bedside or any other convenient spot in your home where you put your stuff like your wallet, phone, glasses, watch and wearables.

It is made from two interlocking bamboo panels that form a stand for your mobile devices and a hang space for a watch or fitness tracker and a slot for your wallet or purse.

Assembly takes three seconds – just slide the two bamboo slats together.


It doesn’t take up too much space – it’s 28cm wide and 16cm deep.

On the back of the Sovende is a small space to hold a USB charging brick that comes with the product.

It has five USB ports so you can use the cables that came with your devices.


There are also six reusable Velcro cable ties to help you manage those cables as well.

If you are using Sovende by the bedside, your smartphone can be positioned for easy viewing in case you wanted to use it as your digital clock or alarm.

Now you’ve got all of your stuff organised and your devices are charged as well.

So when you wake up or when you’re ready to go out, you’re all powered up and ready to go.


And when you come home again or want to get ready for bed you know exactly where everything needs to go.

Want to get yourself organised – this is the way to do it.

The Smorgasbord Sovende is available now and is priced at $129.