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The Australian device that can relieve lower back pain


wtpro3Lower back pain is a condition that affects millions of Australians but a new compact wireless device has just been released that can relieve the pain.

WiTouch Pro is a small device that was designed in Byron Bay and engineered in Melbourne and packs in the technology used by doctors and physiotherapists in their clinics.

The product employs TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which uses electric current to stimulate the nerves to reduce acute and chronic pain.

The WiTouch Pro sits on the patient’s lower back and can be controlled wirelessly to manage pain associated chronic spinal problems.

The product works straight out of the box with no complicated settings or programs to learn and is a drug-free solution for lower back pain sufferers.

A recent study of 300 WiTouch Pro users showed the device had a significant impact with 91 per cent saying it provided significant pain relief and 50 per cent of these patients have halved their pain medication.

The WiTouch Pro can relieve lower back pain with electric muscle stimulation

One in 10 Australians suffer from low back pain and costs $1 billion annually to treat the condition with another $8 billion dollars spent on indirect costs.

Back pain is the seventh most common cause for a patient to visit a general practitioner in Australia.

WiTouch Pro has been honoured with design awards around the world including the prestigious reddot Design Award and the Australian International Design Award.

”I have been using TENS with my patients for over 3 decades and believe the WiTouch Pro provides a real step forward in improving patient compliance,” says Dr Len Rose M.B.B.S., (FACLM) (FAMAS) Pain Management Specialist from East Melbourne in Victoria.

The WiTouch Pro is an Australian-designed device that was won several design awards

“By combining a back-pain specific waveform, greatly-increased electrode contact area and a unique wireless control system the WiTouch Pro is an excellent option for managing the pain associated with chronic spinal pathologies.”

The WiTouch Pro is available now and is priced at $169. It can be purchased from here.

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