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Strontium memory cards offer high performance storage


strontium1Flash storage is in high demand especially with our use of smartphones, tablets and cameras and Strontium’s memory cards can easily meet our needs.

The latest microSD and SD memory cards from Strontium offer not only a range of capacities up to 64GB but also the performance that can keep up with the latest devices we’re using them with.

Memory cards aren’t all the same and the technology has moved along to keep up with the constant improvements in the devices we’re using them with.

In Strontium’s case, the company has recognised the need for higher performance for both reading and writing information.

The Strontium MicroSDHC UHS-1 Nitro 566X card is equipped with a class 10 rating and can deliver a transfer speed of 85MB per second.

This makes it ideal for storing music, high definition video and games on a card that’s smaller than your fingernail.

The Strontium microSD card comes with a card reader and a card adaptor

It can easily handle writing the data for high resolution photographs and full high definition in real time so you can just keep on shooting your pictures and videos.

Also included with the Strontium MicroSDHC card is the full version of MyBackUp Pro for Android to make it easy to back up all of the content that’s important to you.

The Strontium MicroSD card also comes with a microSD card reader and an adaptor so you can drag and drop content from a computer or use the card with a device can only fit the larger SD card.

Strontium’s larger SDHC UHS-1 Nitro 566X card boast the same performance of the microSD card but also features a built-in write protect switch to prevent accidental data loss.

The Strontium SDHC UHS-1 Nitro 566X card

This SD card also comes with a free version of Data Recovery Software to retrieve data that has been accidentally deleted.

The Strontium MicroSDHC UHS-1 Nitro 566X cards are priced at $19 (8GB), $29 (16GB), $49 (32GB) and $99 (64GB).

The Strontium SDHC UHS-1 Nitro 566X cards are priced at $29 (16GB), $49 (32GB) and $95 (64GB).

They are available now from major retailers.

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