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Mother – the device that can take care of you and your family


mother5No one takes better care of you than your mother so it’s appropriate a new device called Mother keeps an eye on your and your activities in your home.

Developed by French company and unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Mother is a device that connects to your wi-fi network and track information from up to 24 sensors called motion cookies.

The Mother device has a large round base and a face on its tapered top section.

Using the sensors, it is possible to gather data about what you’re doing, set reminders to do certain activities and receive notifications for other daily events.

For example, affixing a motion cookie to a box of tablets will inform the system when you took those pills.

Mother is a device that can keep track of your household

Alternatively, you can use Mother to set a reminder to take those tablets and receive a notification if it slips your mind.

If you want to track how much water you’re drinking you can place a motion cookie on the side of your water bottle to see how many times you pick up the bottle and take a drink.

You can even take the cookie activity tracker out for a walk or run and download your steps and distance to Mother when you get home. Each motion cookie can memorize up to 10 days of data.

Mother can track much water you drink

If you want to know when you’re child gets home from school, attach a cookie to their keyring and Mother will take note of the time he or she walks through the front door.

They are just a few examples of what Mother can do for you and your family.

The information gathered by the device can be viewed on the Senseboard app or received in notifications by text message, email and even phone calls.

Mother can remind you take your pills

Mother can also do things like turn off the heater when no-one’s home to save power and also alert you about suspicious activity.

Here are other things Mother can do:

* Check to see if your kids have brushed their teeth by attaching a motion cookie to their toothbrushes

Mother can track when people arrive home and their activities

* Keep track of how much coffee you’re drinking and receive notifications when you’re running low on coffee

* Set a reminder to water your plants

* Measure sleep quality as well as the time you go to bed and wake up.

You can track everything Mother monitors on the Senseboard app

* See how many times the fridge is opened for those sneaky snacks

Mother will be available from February and will be priced at $US222 which includes one Mother and a box of four motion cookies. Four packs of motion cookies are also available for $US99.

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