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Jawbone UP24 activity wristband now on sale in Australia


jawbone24up2Jawbone latest version of its popular activity band – the UP24 – can track your steps, sleep and calorie intake and wirelessly transfer the information your smartphone.

Using low power Bluetooth, the Jawbone UP24, which has a number of sensors onboard, can keep the user updated through the day of their progress with in-the-moment push notifications.

The companion iOS and Android app gathers all the information collected by the wristband and plots it for users to easily gauge their progress.

Now with the wireless capabilities users don’t have to manually sync the device like the previous Jawbone UP that required users to plug it into their smartphone.

With the wireless Jawbone UP24 users can set how often they see notifications including a 4.30pm update that still leaves enough time to get the running shoes on if you haven’t hit your daily target.

The Jawbone UP24 looks virtually identical to the Jawbone Up with the only difference being the new pattern on surface the UP24 band.

The new Jawbone UP24 syncs wirelessly with your smartphone with Bluetooth

It is made of durable medical grade rubber and is comfortable enough to wear day and night.

The device can now disappear into your life while it keeps track of you.

The whole idea of wearing a device like the Jawbone UP24 is to track and understand our sleep, activities and diet and act on that information.

That’s where the app comes into play because once the information is wirelessly transferred it can be organised, analysed and utilised to motivate the user to make improvements and achieve certain goals.

Speaking of goals the Jawbone UP24 lets you know how you’re going throughout the day with your steps and how far you are to reaching that target.

Another popular use of the device is to track how long and how well we sleep.

Jawbone UP24 tracks your sleep.....

But for those times when you forget to put the Jawbone into sleep mode when you go to bed there is now a Sleep Recovery mode.

Simple tell the device via the app what time you went to bed and what time you woke it and it will take a look back at that time period and the movement received through the sensor to work out how you slept.

An update of the Jawbone has introduced a new feature called Today, I Will which suggest commitments the user can opt in on.

For example, the Jawbone might suggest you go to bed earlier or try and take more steps.

.... your steps

And it’s not just to make your stats look better – there are real health benefits by nudging the person in the right direction to add that little bit extra.

It can suggest these things because it can keep an eye on us and gather data about our behaviour in real time.

The UP24 can also generate other insights and create a personal assessment of what you’re doing and the areas where there can be improvement.

On the calorie counting side, Jawbone noticed one of the most often logged items was coffee so the company decided to create its very own UP Coffee app.

....and gives you an overview of sleep, steps and calories

Available on iOS only at this point, UP Coffee can monitor your caffeine intake and how it may affect your sleep patterns.

Users can log coffee, tea or an energy drink so you can easily see whether you’re too “wired” to sleep or “Sleep Ready”.

The Jawbone UP24 is an excellent update of a great product that will help you keep an even closer eye on your activity, calories and sleep.

It is available now from JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith and Apple Stores and is priced at $179.

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