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Elgato Smart Key won’t let you leave anything behind


elgatosmartkey1If you’ve ever left your phone, your keys or other personal items behind the new Elgato Smart Key can send you a notification when you forget to collect your stuff.

The Elgato Smart Key is about the size of a 50 cent coin (about 4cm wide) and fits on your key ring so it’s always with you.

The device then links via Bluetooth to your iPhone and can sound an alert when they are separated.

Smart Key can also be used to find your iPhone while the free companion iPhone app can also locate the Elgato device.

If, for example, you left your iPhone behind in a restaurant or café, as soon as the Elgato Smart Key is out of range of the iPhone it will sound an alert.

Likewise if you can’t find your iPhone at home, the Smart Key can also sound an alert on the phone to make it easier to locate.

The Elgato Smart Key can remind you when you leave things behind

But there are a number of other uses for the Elgato Smart Key.

You can leave the device in your car and the iPhone can remember the GPS position of the product so you can easily locate it again through the app.

Travellers can also leave the Elgato Smart Key in their checked-in luggage and receive an alert on their iPhone when their bag is approaching on the carousel.

It can also be attached to other bags and personal items so you’ll never ever be separated from your belongings.

The Elgato Smart Key has a free iPhone companion app

And if you do there will be an alert and the app will remember the last place it was connected to the Smart Key on a map.

The Elgato Smart Key has a replaceable battery that will last up to six months.

It is also IP65 certified to be water and dust proof so it can handle the daily bumps and scrapes.

The Elgato Smart Key is priced at $69 and is available now. The Elgato Smart Phone app is free to download from the App Store.

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