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Belkin WeMo Light Switch can be controlled from anywhere

wemolight4Belkin has taken their WeMo home automation products a step further with the new WeMo Light Switch that adds functionality and convenience to your home.

The new wi-fi light switch allows users to see a list of their installed lights and, using the free WeMo app, you can turn them on and off from anywhere.

Once installed it is easy to connect the switch to your home’s wireless network and also get them to work with Belkin’s other excellent WeMo switches, motion sensors and NetCams.

And users can combine these innovative products to create some impressive smart home solutions.

With the WeMo Light Switch you can not only turn lights on and off when you need to and from wherever you happen to be, but you can also set rules like setting them to turn on at sunset, for example.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch

But that’s just the beginning.

With Belkin’s other product – the WeMo Switch – users can control the product that it is connected to it, like a lamp or fan or Christmas tree lights. through the same WeMo app.

This list of devices and switches that can be controlled are listed on the app and literally at your fingertips. You can even rename them to make them easier to recognise and organise.

Control the Belkin WeMo Light Switches from anywhere using the iOS or Android app

Users can clearly see the status of a device and tell at a glance of if it is on or off.

If you have a WeMo Switch and Motion Sensor or a Belkin NetCam you can also set the light to turn on, for example, whenever you walk in the room.

Users can also trigger their devices through WeMo using an online service called IFTTT (If This Then That).

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch can be combined to work with other WeMo Switches and Motion Sensors

The IFTTT site has a number of pre-programmed actions which can be taken and used with your Belkin WeMo devices that can be activated, for example, when you receive an email or SMS or when you receive a phone call.

There are numerous IFTTT options that users can adapt for their own needs – or just for fun.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch is slightly larger than a regular switch plate and has a push button control to turn the light on and off. It also has a small power indicator light that illuminates when it’s turned on.

The Belkin WeMo Light needs to be installed by a qualified electrician

There’s also a tiny reset button on the side of the switch that can be used when you need to link the light to a new network or reconfigure your home network.

The WeMo Light Switch requires installation by a qualified electrician. Belkin has formed a partnership with Jim’s Electrical to offer an affordable rate for standard installations.

One thing to note, especially for residents of older homes, is the need for a neutral cable at your light switch to connect the Belkin switch.

The homes that do not have a neutral cable will need to have one fed through to the point, at an added cost, before the Belkin WeMo Light Switch can be installed.

The WeMo Light Switch can only be installed in a standard single light switch and cannot replace a plate with two or more switches.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch is available now and priced at $69.95 each. The WeMo Switch is $59.95 with the Switch and Motion pack priced at $119.95. The Belkin NetCam is priced at $129.95.

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