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Belkin extends WeMo connectivity to smart light bulbs and appliances


wemo14ces2Belkin’s WeMo range of products is expanding even further with even more ways to make your home smarter and offer convenient control from anywhere.

The WeMo Switches and WeMo Light Switches that allow users to turn their devices and lights on and off are already popular.

These new products, which will be seen in the Australian market in the next few months, include wi-fi light bulbs and a variety of appliances where the WeMo technology will be included including a crockpot.

The WeMo Smart LED bulbs have wi-fi built in and can call be controlled from a central device called WeMo Link that is plugged into a power point.

The WeMo Link can control up to 50 individual smart bulbs so it will suit even large homes without the need to run cables or retro fit any other controls.

Each WeMo Smart LED bulb is offers the same brightness as a 60W globe and is fully dimmable.

Users can control the WeMo Smart LED bulbs with an app

Every smart bulb has its own wi-fi connection and can be turned off and on from anywhere and is also programmable.

And if that isn’t enough to set it apart from a regular globe, the Belkin WeMo Smart LED blub will last for up to 23 years.

Each smart bulb will be priced at about $40 so it’s a good thing they last for 23 years.

The WeMo app will also be upgraded to include switch insights that give added information about your WeMo controlled device like the amount of electricity it uses.

The WeMo LED Light Starter Kit includes the WeMo link to control your bulbs wirelessly

This will make it possible to run your devices by time or to set a budget on the amount of money it costs per day to run it.

Belkin will also be releasing a WeMo LED Lighting Starter Kit which will include the WeMo Link and two smart bulbs.

But the technology is moving further than just lighting.

That was evident at the International Consumer Electronics Show where the world’s first WeMo powered Crockpot slow cooker was unveiled.

Users can turn the device on and off, change the temperature and adjust the timer settings with the Android and iOS WeMo app from wherever you are.

The new WeMo powered Crockpot lets you control your cooking with an app remotely

Other products on show at CES that we can expect to see with WeMo onboard include coffee makers, air purifiers and heaters.

And Belkin has responded to the demands of WeMo enthusiasts who wanted to create their own wireless solutions with the WeMo Maker.

It is a small device that can accept sensor controls from a wider variety of products like garage doors, blinds, a pool filter and sprinkler systems.

And for those non-enthusiasts who still want to take advantage of the WeMo Maker there are harness kits being developed to turn the whole set up into a simple plug and play solution.

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