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CulCharge 3-in-1 Powerbank is the battery charger that fits on your keyring


Wouldn’t it be great to be have battery to charge up your phone that’s small enough to fit on your keyring? Well, that’s exactly what you get with the new CulCharge 3-in-1 Powerbank.

This device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is about the same size as a car key.

Onboard the CulCharge is a 1000mAh hour battery along with a USB connector cord that snaps into place on top.

On the end of the battery is your choice of either a Lightning connector for iPhone and iPad users or a microUSB connector for Android and Windows devices.


Now here’s why it’s called 3-in-1 because it’s a battery that connects directly to your smartphone through the connector.

But it’s also a cable for both data transfer or charging.

In cable mode, simply connect the USB connector to your computer or laptop and the other end to your smartphone.

This can both charge your device and allow you to transfer content back and forth.


To recharge the Culcharge’s onboard battery simply connect the USB connector to a power source or a computer.

A small button on the USB connector allows users to choose charging mode when it’s connected to their smartphone.


You won’t be able to fully recharge your device with the CulCharge but the 1000mAh capacity is enough to get you back to about half which can keep you going for an extra few hours on the move.

The other more expensive portable battery options mean you have to carry a device the size of your smartphone around with you as well.


The CulCharge 3-in-1 is a handy device to constantly have by your side.

It is available now for $37.95 (Lightning connector) and $35 (microUSB) from