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Rymek retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard review – a cool blast from the past

There are lots of Bluetooth keyboards around but there are none quite like the Rymek which draws its inspiration from a typewriter from the 1950s complete with the loud clack of the keys.

The device exceeded its initial target on Indiegogo by more than 500 per cent and is now available to purchase.

Tech Guide was lucky enough to get hold of a unit to review. Using the retro device was like stepping back in time.

When we placed the iPad into position on the metal stent like you would a piece of blank paper on a real typewriter back in the day, the Rymek looked every bit like an old school typewriter.

The keyboard has saddle shape key caps and provides the clickety clack sound to make you feel like you’re typing on a real typewriter.

Those keys are mechanical and have plenty of travel in them. They are also backlit so you can use the device in any lighting conditions.

All that’s missing is the typewriter ribbon.

It also has the weight of an old typewriter as well with an impressive build quality and it is finished beautifully.

What completes the design is the central illuminated bars which is the 21st century version of the area where the letters used to make contact with paper.

There’s also a built-in handle (made out of zinc alloy, thanks very much) that can switch the device between Bluetooth and wired mode where you can connect the keyboard to your device with a cable.

In the wired mode you can connect the keyboard to a Windows or Linux PC

Rymek uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your mobile devices – you can pair three products and easily switch between them in an instant.

In Bluetooth mode it can support iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

We hooked up our Rymek review unit to our iPad and typed into the Pages app. The review you’re reading now was actually written using the Rymek keyboard.

Apart from getting used to the clickety clack of the keyboard, users also have to come to grips with the actual keys which, unlike a regular keyboard, move quite a lot so gliding your hands around the keys takes a fraction of a second longer.

But that’s not to say you can’t get used to it. For us it was like riding a bike getting used to the keys.

Along the side is a handy scroll knob that can be used as a volume control and to mute the sound with a press.

The only issues we had were pairing the device – the instructions weren’t exactly clear.

Another thing to note that while Rymek is a beautiful and well-built keyboard – it’s not exactly portable.

It’s pretty heavy and bulky and not meant to travel.

So if you were hoping to show this one off at the café, better think again – or take a big bag with you to fit it in.

Under the hood is a 2,000mAh lithium ion battery that will last for 50 hours on a single charge.

The Rymek retro keyboard is available now in two colors – Classy Black and Caramel White – and is priced at $US199 but there are some still discounts for early birds on the Indiegogo page.


With the Rymek keyboard everything old is new again. It is a fun and refreshing blast from the past that makes typing a fun experience.

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With the Rymek keyboard everything old is new again. It is a fun and refreshing blast from the past that makes typing a fun experience.