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Garmin releases vivoactive HR and vivofit 3 to track your health and activities


Garmin has released two more fitness devices – the vivoactive HR GPS smartwatch and the vivofit 3 activity tracker that build on the company’s already impressive portfolio of products.

For customers who want to gain an insight into their activity levels or have set their sights on reaching a fitness goal, these new Garmin devices can help you stay on course.

Anyone who wants to improve their health, a great place to start is to know your current level of fitness and work from there.

And it’s products like the vivoactive HR and vivofit 3 that can help.



The vivoactive HR is a GPS sportswatch that can track your activities and health by counting steps and floors climbed, measure intensity minutes and monitoring the quality of your sleep.

But it doesn’t stop there.

It has an always-on Garmin Chroma Display that’s easy to read in bright sunlight.

The device is also GPS-enabled apps to can track you while you’re walking, running, biking, swimming, golfing, paddle boarding, rowing, skiing and snowboarding.

It also has a heart rate monitor which helps the device take your pulse and also accurately work out calories burned and the intensity of your workouts.

The vivoactive HR is also customisable with a range of free apps and watch faces.

It also includes Move IQ that can automatically recognise all of your different activities and easily track exercise without the need to start another timed activity.

Garmin’s vivoactive HR is a smartwatch as well and can relay notifications for incoming calls and texts, emails, calendar reminders and social media alerts.

Battery life is pegged at up to eight days in watch/activity tracking mode and about 13 hours in full GPS mode.

The Garmin vivoactive HR will be available from April and will be priced at $399.

Accessory bands in black, white, yellow and red will also be available for $49 each.



The vivofit 3 is an impressive activity tracker that is designed for 24/7 wearability to keep up with users all day and night and tally your steps and activities throughout the day.

It has a backlit display that shows users their step count, calories, distance, intensity minutes and the time.

It can also recognise and capture activities like walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training with the onboard Move IQ feature.

And when it is uploaded to the Garmin Connect dashboard, users can plot their activities on a timeline to make it easier to track their progress.


The Garmin vivofit 3 has a one-year battery life and is also water resistant to a depth of 50m.

It will be priced at $169 (extra large) and $159 (regular) when it starts shipping in late March/early April and also has interchangeable bands that will be priced at $49 each.

Other designer bands and two pack designs will be priced at $59.