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Five fun iPad apps to keep your kids entertained


ipadminiretina1It’s nearly the end of the school holidays and the kids are looking for things to do. Here are five apps that will keep them entertained for hours.

These apps, created especially for the iPad, make use of the device’s touchscreen and make it fun and engaging for the user to engage with the content.

And while these apps are fun, they are also designed to be used as an educational tool as well.


This app is loaded with a variety of easy-to-play fun holiday themed activities including ‘At the Airport’, ‘Let’s go to the Beach’ and even a ‘Swimming Race’.

Peppa Holiday also features the ‘Sky High’ music video that fans can sing-along to, as well as a ‘Postcards’ reward sticker book.

Peppa Pig's Holiday


Paper Ocean lets you create your very own origami ocean.

This creative app brings your ocean to life by folding tropical fish, rays, whales and other fabulous sea creatures. 

And when you’re done you can relax and watch your origami creations as they swim and play underwater.

Kids can feed them, tap them to see how they react or even play fun mini-games with them.

Paper Ocean


If you haven’t been able to take your kids to the zoo these holidays, get them the Petting Zoo app for iPhone and iPad instead.

This interactive picture book combines the charm of hand made animations and humor with state of the art technology.

Users can swipe and tap the 21 animals and be surprised at how they react. What would an elephant in your bathroom do? Can a dog breakdance?

This is a storybook app that is unlike all of the others.

Petting Zoo Animal Animations


The best apps for kids are the ones that combine fun with learning and that’s exactly what you get with My Incredible Body.

This app lets you take a look inside yourself and see what was going on in there.

My Incredible Body creates a learning experience that appeals to the natural curiosity of kids and designed for experimentation and discovery.

My Incredible Body


If you don’t mind hearing your kids singing then this is the app to use and it’s free.

Disney Spotlight karaoke is an app for both the iPhone and iPad that allows kids to sing along to their favorite songs, put on a show, or make a video to share with friends. 

There are streaming lyrics to cue you when to sing, so you’re right in time with the words. 

Disney Spotlight Karaoke

Disney Spotlight for iPad can add voice effects that bring polish and pro style to your performance.

In-app vocal lessons show you how to sound your best, with vocal warm-ups and tips and you can also access your iTunes library and sing along with your favourite songs.

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