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Epson’s re-invented EcoTank printers won’t need ink for two years


Anyone who’s ever bought a printer will tell you the number one pain point is having to replace expensive ink cartridges all too often but Epson’s new EcoTank printers have changed all that.

Epson’s ET-2500, ET-2550 and Workforce ET4500 and ET-4550 are wireless all-in-one printers that have integrated high-capacity ink tanks and supplies that can last for up to two years.

This new feature means ink is supplied continuously to the printer and with no cartridges to replace.

With other printers when they run out of ink, a customer is required to buy a new cartridge which not only contains the ink supply but also the print head – which makes these consumables expensive.


In the car world it would be like replacing your engine every time you needed an oil change.

Instead Epson’s new printers only require the ink – which are available in bottles priced at just $16.99 each for colours and $24.99 for black.

A small price to pay considering that these bottles have two years of ink inside them.


They have a drip-free nozzle and a resealable cap for easy storage.

The result is the ability to print up to 11,000 black and white and 8,500 colour pages before you need a refill.

The printers are aimed at home office and small business users.


The entry-level ET-2500 has auto set-up so it’s easy to connect to your home network and to your computers and mobile devices.

It’s possible to print directly from your Android smartphones and tablets as well as from the iPhone and iPad using Epson’s free app.

The printers are also compatible with Apple’s AirPrint so users can print out emails and photos directly from their devices.


Also on board are LCD screens and Wi-Fi Direct so you can print wirelessly without a wi-fi network.

The new Epson EcoTank printers are priced at $449 (ET-2500), $499 (ET-2550), $599 (ET-4500) and $699 (ET-4550) and are available from JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys and Bing Lee.