Modern technology gives us many things.

Whirlpool’s new smart kitchen appliances makes cooking and recycling easier than ever


The kitchen has become smarter than ever with the announcement of advanced new Whirlpool products that makes preparation, cooking and even recycling easier.

Unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Whirlpool’s Smart Home line-up includes new Scan-To-Cook microwaves and ovens and the Zera Food recycler.

Whirlpool’s smart kitchen, and also its upcomimg smart laundry products, will be powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice control so users can interact with the appliances just by talking to them.

You can tell the oven to turn on and set at a certain temperature, adjust the cooking mode or ask your fridge to find you some recipes.

The Whirlpool smart ovens and microwaves offer assisted cooking features like proximity sensors so they know you’re nearby and ready to cook.

They also remember your cooking habits and the types of food you prepare at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So this means if you approach the microwave in the morning and you regularly cook porridge (it’s called oatmeal in the US) it may ask if you’d like to prepare it again.

And if the answer is yes, it will remember the cooking time and set that automatically for you once you start it.

Also onboard Whirlpool’s wall ovens and microwaves is the new Scan-To-Cook feature which ensures the correct settings are applied when cooking a frozen or packaged meal.


Simply scan the barcode on the packaging with the Whirlpool mobile app and it will send the cooking directions, including pre-heating and cooking temperature and cooking time, directly to the appliance so there is no guesswork required.

If the cooking involves any other interaction you will get a notification.

For example, the Whirlpool microwave might be warming soup and it will send a message when it needs to be stirred.

And when all the cooking is done and it’s time to clean up, that’s where Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler comes into play.


It can take a week’s worth of food scraps and convert it into fertilizer for your garden in just 24 hours.

During the course of the week, the scraps are loaded into the top of the device with additives included to help with the recycling process.

These additives and Zera’s sealed construction also prevents the scraps from stinking up the kitchen.

Zera can also be operated through the Whirlpool app.


And when the recycling is done, the result is powdery mixture that looks like ground coffee that can be put straight into the garden.

Whirlpool’s smart range will be available in Australia later this year.