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There are two new PlayStation 4 consoles on their way


Sony has announced it will be releasing two new PlayStation gaming consoles later this year – the PlayStation 4 Pro and a slimmer, lighter and cheaper version of the regular PS4.

The PlayStation Pro will be released on November 10 while the slimmer PS4 will be available on two models on September 16 (500GB) and September 29 (1TB).


The PS4 Pro will be a higher end model with a boosted processor and improved graphics so your games and content will be presented in even higher detail than ever before.

It’s actually the first time Sony has introduced a more powerful version of the console in the middle of its platform’s lifecycle.

And if you’ve got a 4K TV you’ll be able to enjoy PS4 games in 4K quality.

PS4 Pro

Users will also be able to watch 4K content via streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

But, surprisingly, what the latest Sony PS4 Pro can’t do is play 4K discs. The main opponent for this device – the Xbox One S does allow 4K disc playback.

The PS4 Pro will also support HDR (high dynamic range) if you got one of the latest televisions as well so supported games and content will look better than ever before.

The new system’s design supports the slanted look of the platform with the body made of up three layers with an additional USB port on the rear panel and two on the front to make it easier to connect additional devices like the PlayStation VR.

Under the hood will be a 1TB hard drive for even more room to store games and other content.

The PS4 Pro will be released on November 10 and will be priced at $559.95.


The existing platform has been completely revamped for this new slimmer and lighter model.

The volume has been reduced by 30 per cent and the weight cut down by up to 25 per cent while reducing power consumption by up to 34 per cent compared to the first and current models.

Slimmer PS4

Design-wise, the slimmer PS4 has retained the slanted look of the original console with curved corners to give it a softer, less aggressive look.

This new smaller PS4 will also support HDR technology with a HDR-compatible TV which shows a wider range of colours and more detail in the brighter and darker portions of the screen.

Slimmer PS4

The slimmer PS4 will be available on September 16 in 500GB capacity ($439.95) with the 1TB model ($509.95) available on September 29.