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Samsung still keeping the faith with curved TVs as other brands cut and run


Samsung is still hanging in there with its curved TVs. The company is the only major brand to offer curved screens as part of its new 2018 4K UHD range.

Curved TVs were introduced back in 2013 and was supported mainly by South Korean rival companies Samsung and LG.

LG pulled out of the curved TV market three years ago, but Samsung has stuck solid a new curved model.

Samsung’s last remaining curved TV in the 2018 range is the Series 8 NU8500 Premium UHD LED TV in 55-inch ($2,599) and 65-inch ($3,699).

But, as we saw on Samsung’s website, there are also some curved models from the 2017 QLED line-up – the Series 8 in 55-inch ($4,299), 65-inch ($6,299) and 75-inch ($11,499).

Also remaining from last year is the Series 8 Premium UHD MU8000 in 55-inch ($2,699) and 65-inch ($3,799) – which are actually more expensive than the latest 2018 Series 8 curved TVs.


The only other company offering curved TVs is online retailer Kogan which still sells a 55-inch curved 4K TV for $899 and a 65-inch 4K curved TV for $1,399.

So, if curved TVs are your thing – get them while you can.