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Onelink smoke alarm includes a speaker so you’re always safe and sound


First Alert has come up with the most versatile smoke alarm carbon monoxide detector which also includes a speaker and wi-fi range extender – it’s called the Onelink Safe and Sound.

The Onelink Safe and Sound device is installed on your ceiling like a regular smoke alarm but the product takes advantage of its position by adding a speaker and a wireless hotspot.

These high-end speakers provide quality omni-directional audio with impressive bass.

Onelink is also equipped for voice services like Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to play music, hear the latest news and control other devices in your home like lights and locks.

The intelligence of Onelink, of course, extends to its safety features.

It is a two-in-one alarm which can detect smoke and carbon monoxide and also tell you the type and location of the emergency in your home.

The unit can notify you if there is an issue using the built-in alarm or by sending you a notification on your mobile device.

The companion app allows users to test and silence the alarm, control their entertainment and adjust the colour and brightness of the Onelink’s built-in night light.


The product requires AC power and interconnects with most existing alarms without the need to rewire.

The FirstAlert Onelink Safe and Sound smoke alarm is expected to go on sale in Australia by mid-year.

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