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New Freeview app will allow you to watch free-to-air channels anywhere


Freeview today announced it will be releasing a world-first app in Australia next month to allow users to stream live free-to-air TV channels anywhere on their mobile devices.

Freeview FV – available for free on iOS and Android in November – will be able to extend the television viewing experience outside the home.

There will be more than 15 free-to-air channels available as well as catch-up content from all the networks within the same app.

Users can also browse and search for programs, view a FTA TV guide and also see recommendations.

“For the first time globally, an FTA industry has united to create and deliver a powerful consumer experience,” says Freeview CEO Liz Ross.

“Freeview FV will deliver fantastic choice and convenience in one place, it is simple and-easy to-use, and it will meet the needs of audiences wherever they may be.

“From live streaming news and current affairs during the morning commute to catching-up on a favourite TV program on the way home, Freeview FV will completely revolutionise access to the free-to-air TV offering in Australia.”

Australians’ TV viewing habits have been changing since the introduction of mobile devices and on-demand services.

The launch of Freeview FV will continue that evolution and allow us to view live programs anywhere instead of having to catch up later.

Freeview FV will also be measured and reported through OzTAM VPM so mobile viewing on the app will be included in the latest ratings.


Freeview was launched in 2008 as the free digital TV service in Australia which promotes free-to-air channels and content across the country.

The introduction of the Freeview FV app will complement Freeview’s existing hybrid TV services, Freeview Plus, that is running on smart TVs and set-top boxes.