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Samsung Galaxy S22 will be shipped to eager customers almost two weeks early


Samsung customers who got in early to pre order the new Galaxy S22 smartphone will be rewarded with an early delivery as soon as next week so they will have their devices in hand well before the official March 4 launch date.

Samsung Australia confirmed to Tech Guide that a large shipment arrived in Australia today and the allocated stock will be rushed to customers as soon as the logistics allow.

Customers were hoping their Galaxy S22 would arrive by the 22/2/22 – an appropriate date for Samsung’s latest flagship device.

Garry MacGregor, Samsung Australia Vice President, IT and Mobile, says if customers pre-ordered early then they will get the device early as well.

“It’s too good to sit on a pallet in a warehouse,” he said.

Tech Guide has been contacted by readers and listeners who have received a message from Samsung advising them of a special surprise – the early arrival of their pre-order.

The message received by customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone early

The message said the orders will be shipped out in the coming days and they will receive an SMS with tracking information.

Customers were also advised that someone needed to sign for the delivery as they cannot be left on the doorstep unattended.

It was only last week that Samsung unveiled it’s exciting new range of Galaxy S22 smartphones – the S22, the S22+ and the S22 Ultra – which all promise next level performance and a new camera system that takes their photography to the next level no matter the lighting conditions – including at night.

The devices will go on sale on March 4 and will be priced from $1249 (S22), $1549 (S22+) and $1849 (S22 Ultra).

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a full review of the S22+ and the S22 Ultra.