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Entry-level iPhone to be called iPhone 5C after packaging images leak


iphone5entryThe cheaper iPhone will be known at the iPhone 5C according to new images thought to be the packaging for the anticipated new entry-level product.

Appearing on the site WeiPhone, the photo shows a container of the packages which clearly show the words iPhone 5C on the side.

The C is thought to stand for colour which supports the rumours that the new Apple device will be available in a number of colours like the fifth generation iPod Touch.

The packing appears to be made of plastic and looks like it will have a transparent lid so customers can look inside and see the different colours of the device.

Even the shape of the package reflects the shape of the rear of the rumoured cheaper iPhone which has also been revealed in alleged leaked images.

The alleged leaked image of the iPhone 5C packaging from the WeiPhone site

Speculation is that Apple will release an updated version of the iPhone 5 called the iPhone 5S which will look just like the current version but with an enhanced camera, faster processor and the faster 802.11ac wi-fi compatibility.

The screen size will likely remain at 4-inches which will also be the screen size of the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C will give Apple a springboard into the massive entry-level smartphone market that it was losing to cheaper Android devices.

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