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Belong adds more data and value to its mobile phone plans on the Telstra network


Belong has released new value mobile plans with generous allowances and unlimited calls and texts to help Australians stay connected and enjoy their content anywhere.

And that extra data will come in handy because Australians use a lot of data.

Last year Belong customers got through a whopping 15.6 million gigabytes of data which is more than 156 million games of Fortnite, 104 million hours of Spotify and 5.2 million hours of Netflix.

These new Belong plans start at $25 a month for 20GB of data and move up to $35 a month for 40GB and $45 for 80GB a month.

Existing customers on the current $25 plan will have their data doubled, taking them from 10GB to 20GB automatically.

Those still on the $10/1GB and $40/40GB Belong plans will be able to remain on those plans if they choose but they won’t be available to new customers.

These new plans all include unlimited calls and texts to standard national numbers.

There are no lock in contracts or cancellation fees and users can even rollover their unused data with unlimited data banking.

Belong’s plans also make it possible to gift data to friends and family who are also Belong customers. Users can also purchase data top ups.

Belong uses the Telstra 4G and 3G networks to connect customers with 97 per cent and 98.8 per cent coverage respectively.

“We’ve simplified our plans to ensure that we’re continuing to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We’ve always structured our offers to ensure Australians have greater choice not only in finding a plan, but how they use it,” says Belong CEO Jana Kotatko.

“Our unlimited data banking and data gifting inclusions ensure that our customers are getting and not losing the data they’ve paid for.”