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Telstra’s 5G network reaches 50 per cent of Australians – and 75 per cent by mid-year


The 5G rollout in Australia is progressing at a rapid pace with Telstra confirming more than 50 per cent of Australians are now living within range of the Telstra 5G footprint.

That means today that one in two Australians are able to connect to Telstra 5G.

Telstra says that number will increase by the middle of the year with plans to reach 75 per cent of the population by then.

There are currently 2,650 Telstra 5G sites in Australia with coverage in more than 100 cities and towns and more than 2,000 suburbs across Australia with Telstra 5G coverage.

There are more than 750,000 5G devices on the Telstra 5G network with thousands more added each week.

And it’s not the just footprint of the 5G network that will grow but also the speed and capacity.

“Our customers have told us coverage is the most important thing when it comes to 5G so Telstra’s 5G roll out reaching more than half of the Australian population is a huge milestone,” says Telstra’s Network Technology Development & Solutions Executive Channa Seneviratne.

“Bringing Telstra 5G coverage to more people means they can get more out of their 5G device and really experience what 5G has to offer.

“This isn’t any ordinary milestone, especially when you look back just a couple of years to see where we’ve come from and now to the huge 5G network construction project we’re getting on with.

“We’ve made great progress but there’s still more work to do, which is why we’ve set our teams aggressive roll out targets to bring Telstra 5G to 75 per cent of the Australian population by the end of June this year.

“We’ve expanded Telstra’s 5G network coverage to even more areas of our big cities, regional centres and country towns and, with more to come, more Australians will be covered by Telstra 5G than anyone else.”

“We now have Telstra 5G coverage in selected areas of more than 100 cities and towns, including major regional centres in every state including Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Geelong, Mt Gambier, Launceston and Busselton so our customers can get Telstra 5G in more places.”

Telstra says at its peak customers will be able to reach speeds 10x faster than speeds they’re enjoying right now.

At those speeds someone could download a high definition movie in a second.