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How to Download Nox Player


The Android app store is not lacking in content, with a huge choice of apps and games. There’s no doubt that some apps would work very well on a desktop computer and, if you could play your favorite Android games on a desktop, it would take your game experience to the next level.

Well, the good news is, you can do all this with Nox Player, a free, powerful Android emulator.

How to Download Nox Player

  1. Open the linked Nox Player webpage and download it onto your Mac or Windows computer
  2. Find the file in your downloads, click it and it will begin installing
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Install
  4. Choose online or offline installation – online is far quicker
  5. When you see the Nox App icon on your desktop, the app is ready to use.

How to Use Nox Player:

You will need a Google account for this – set up one now if you don’t have one – they are free

  1. Launch the Nox Player app and leave it to set up – this may take a while
  2. Sign in with your Google details or set up a new account
  3. Now you have a choice – continue setting up Nox player by following the directions on the screen or leave it and go straight to the main screen
  4. When it’s all done, the emulator home screen displays some icons, including Google Play Store
  5. Click the Play Store icon and sign in with your Google details
  6. On the emulator home screen, you will see new icons down the rights side – File Transfers, APK downloads and more
  7. Nox Player is now ready to use with Google Play Store. Be aware that if you choose premium or paid apps from the app store, they still have to be paid for – using an emulator doesn’t make them free.

Nox Player Features:

  • Smooth and fast gameplay – Nox is a smooth emulator and you can customize how much RAM you allocate, how many CPUs and other settings. You also get high-speed downloads.
  • External Controller Support – Most Android devices don’t support external controllers but Nox Player does
  • Device Emulation – emulates your device, including IMEI number, phone number, and lots of other device-specific details
  • Root Access – Nox Player is rooted from the start with Superuser, so you have easy access to your file system

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Nox Player?

It is one of the most powerful Android emulators that lets you play Android games on your desktop computer.

How Safe is it?

Nox Player is very safe to use. It has been tested against all major antivirus and antimalware platforms and passed with flying colors.

Is it Free?

Yes, completely free to download and use.

How Do Nox Player and BlueStacks Compare?

While both are great emulators, Nox Player does edge ahead of BlueStacks:

  • BlueStacks is the biggest emulator but its performance has slowed since a recent update. Nox Player remains fast and powerful.
  • Nox Player is easier to root than BlueStacks
  • While both had high benchmark scores, Nox Player is a lite emulator, with higher performance and using little resources on the computer.

How Do I Add a Game Controller to Nox?

  1. Connect the controller to your computer
  2. The controller icon appears at the top of the Nox emulator screen – click it
  3. Controller Settings opens – make your adjustments and save them
  4. Exit and the controller can now be used

How to Fix Error 1020/1008 – Virtual Machine Failed to Start?

  1. Restart your computer and temporarily disable your firewall and anti-virus
  2. Right-click Nox Player and click Open File Location
  3. Click Nox to open the Nox folder
  4. Click noxvm and right-click NOXVM
  5. Choose Run As Administrator – the error will go
  6. Re-enable your firewall and antivirus

What About Error 1005 – Outdated Graphics Card?

  1. Launch Multiplayer and click on Rendering Mode
  2. Choose DX or OpenGL
  3. Reboot Nox Player and it should be working
  4. If not, try updating your graphic card drivers
  5. If that still doesn’t solve the error, your graphics card is not compatible with Nox Player and needs to be replaced

And What About Error  – Nox Needs to Reboot?

This error usually occurs when you are running an out of date version of Nox. Delete it and download the latest version. If you are already up to date and you still get the error, follow the steps above to change your rendering mode.

Nox Player is one of the most powerful Android mobile emulators available today. It offers high performance, high-speed downloads, and is versatile, offering users a huge choice of ways to use it. Nox Player is also completely free to download and use and is safe, not to mention legal so try it today and see what doors it can open for you.