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Channel 10 launches new TENplay catch up service and app


tenplayChannel 10 has consolidated its catch up TV services with the new TENplay platform on your browser or with a dedicated iPhone or iPad app.

TENplay has put together the offerings from TEN, ELEVEN and ONE and brought them together in one place to make it easier for viewers to watch and track their favourite shows.

Now users can catch up with their programs including Modern Family, Homeland, Elementary, The Project and The Bachelor anywhere and anytime on their computer, iPhone or iPad.

There’s also fast access to Channel 10’s news and sport.

Existing users to the previous station sites don’t even need to create a new account as their email and password have been carried across to the new service.

It’s also possible to create your own playlists and even share what you are viewing to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

TENplay lets you catch with your favourite programs on a browser or the iPhone or iPad app

TENplay also has dedicated pages to popular programs so viewers can find our more about the storylines and characters as well as photo galleries and older episodes.

The service can also help viewers discover new programs by recommending similar shows.

When viewing the programs on a browser or within the iPhone or iPad app there are a couple of ads at the start which can’t be skipped.

There are also dedicated pages for popular programs on TENplay

And if you do try and skip again, the ads will be played again before the player resumes at the new position.

Using the app it’s possible to set reminders along with accessing a complete TV guide to plan your viewing whether it’s comedy, documentary, drama, reality, lifestyle, kids or sport.

TENplay is a free service on your browser and also a free app for iPhone and iPad.

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