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3 Car Gadgets You Can Buy on a Budget


Driving a car does not have to be boring, and unadventurous, especially for long trips. For most people, this is where they tend to spend a chunk of their time.

For some others, driving time is their favorite alone time with their thoughts. Regardless of what driving means to you, there are certain car gadgets you should consider having to help you enjoy driving and have a good trip. It is also a great way to make some tasks easier for yourself.

These car gadgets sometimes depend on the kind of car you have. If you are looking to get a great car within your budget, you can make use of this crowdsourced car pricing data that gives you access to numerous car prices based on your budget and preference.

Once you have your car ready, you don’t have to empty your pockets for some of the best gadgets, as this article highlights some car gadgets you can buy on a budget:

1. A Smartphone Mount

Many of us today are fond of our smartphones for obvious reasons, as they always come in handy. New Roy Morgan Research data found that 45% of smartphone owners in Australia can’t live without their smartphone.

However, they can’t also use their phones while driving, as it is illegal and for their safety. To make the most of this, a smartphone mount comes in handy while driving, as it is allowed and also benefits you in many ways.

With a smartphone mount, you can easily access your phone without constantly looking down or taking your eyes off the road. This also helps you to easily access Google Maps or Apple Maps and take a glance at important texts or calls that might be coming in.

2. Bluetooth car kit

A Bluetooth car kit is a necessity if you want to enjoy your trip, as you can listen to some music and also pick your calls with it. However, not all cars come with this kit but you can always buy and install one within your budget.

In a survey on mobile phone use and distraction in Australia, distraction was identified to be a contributing factor in 22% of car crashes and near-crashes and 71% of truck crashes (and 46% of near-crashes) in naturalistic driving studies. Using your phone is a huge form of distraction but you can toss it aside when you have a Bluetooth car kit that helps play your music and answers your calls. 

3. USB Car Charger

This might seem basic and unnecessary but the last thing you ever want to deal with on a long trip is a dead smartphone. You can get a USB charger specifically for your car to be used when necessary, to keep your phone active throughout the trip.


These gadgets are some of the most important gadgets everyone is expected to have in their cars, regardless of the kind of car you use. The goal is to have the best driving experience while keeping your eyes on the road to reduce the risk of accidents.