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Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas: Day 7 – Gaming


It’s Day 7 of Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas – our exciting series that is designed to give you the best tech suggestions when it comes to buying presents for your loved ones.

Gaming is the subject of today’s special guide – a category that has fans of all ages with some exciting new titles and accessories.

Playing games is not just for kids but has evolved into a legitimate entertainment medium for the whole family.

In fact, the average age of an Australian gamer is 32.

Here are the categories we’re covering in the Tech Guide 12 Days

Day 1: Smartphones

Day 2: Cameras

Day 3: Wearables/Activity trackers

Day 4: Tablets

Day 5: Speakers

Day 6: Gadgets

Day 7: Gaming

Day 8: Smartwatches

Day 9: TVs/Blu-ray Discs

Day 10: Computers

Day 11: Sport Gadgets

Day 12: Headphones




Fallout 4 is one of the standout games of 2015. It is an open world adventure set in in Boston in the year 2287 and 210 years after a nuclear war.

You play a character who emerges from a bunker and you are free explore this devastated world and compete various quests and missions at will.

This non-linear gameplay puts you completely in control and you’ll delight in the discoveries and surprises that lay ahead of you.



Everything Star Wars is red hot at the moment including the exciting new Star Wars Battlefront which is the closest you can get to being in a Star Wars movie.

The game allows players to visit several of the iconic locations in the film and take part in the massive battles either on the ground with a blaster in hand or in the air as a TIE Fighter or X-Wing pilot.

You also get to choose what side you’re on and even get to step into the shoes of the major characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

You can hear the music, visit the locations and see the characters, weapons and vehicles from a galaxy far, far away and be instantly reminded why you’re a fan in the first place.

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The latest version of this monster franchise is an exciting mixture of all the old features that made you a Call of Duty fan but with some new touches that will attract a whole new audience.

There’s an interesting campaign where you play a soldier that’s half man and half machine that you can play on your own or with a buddy in co-op mode.

And then of course you’ve got the incredible multiplayer experience – some say the most exciting part of the game that has always provided a legendary online experience.

And you’ll also get zombies!

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You’ve always dreamed about being a rock star right? With Guitar Hero Live you can actually live out that fantasy.

You can play in front of a live audience or play along to some of the biggest hits of all time.

You have to keep time with the notes and strum along – and if you don’t the fans turn on you.

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The popular Xbox franchise has still got plenty of life in it yet as we can see with how well Halo 5: Guardians has been received.

Set in the year 2558, eight months after the events of Halo 4, Halo 5 is a fast paced first person action shooter.

The game’s hero Master Chief goes off the grid without permission and you play a team member who is tasked with finding him and bringing him home.

Strap yourself in and be prepared for quite a ride.



The game is one thing but enjoying the game in high quality is also important which is why Logitech has developed the G933 headset.

It provides an amazing audio experience including virtual 7.1ch surround sound so you’ll feel like your right in the middle of the action.

The G933 is a wireless headset that has RGB lighting, programmable keys and swappable backlit speaker plates.

They have also been ergonomically designed so they can be worn in comfort for hours.

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