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First look at the Backbone One PlayStation Edition


Backbone has released the new Backbone One PlayStation Edition – an officially licenced controller for PlayStation that was inspired by the look and feel of the console’s DuelSense Wireless Controller.

Tech Guide has taken a first look at the device which is sure to delight PlayStation players.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition will only work with iPhones (we hear an Android version is imminent) so you can play your PlayStation through PS Remote Play anywhere.

When choose this option you have to choose whether you’re linking to a PS4 or PS5 and then adjust the settings on the console.

Once you’ve that it’s like you’ve got your PlayStation in your pocket to play anywhere.

The slick controller was created in collaboration with PlayStation and looks just like the PS5 DualSense wireless controller right down to the colour, material and finish.

A PlayStation fan will recognise the look and feel of the controller right down to the transparent face buttons with the iconic symbols and floating appearance of the directional pad.

Not only can you use the PS Remote Play app to start playing your PS5 and PS4 games anywhere, you can also use it to play other games you download from the App Store and other game streaming services.

These include Genshin Impact, Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile and many, many more.

Users can download the Backbone app on their iPhone for the customised PlayStation experience with various PlayStation integrations including the custom glyphs which reflect the iconic PlayStation shapes.

And you can also browse hundreds of PlayStation titles.

The Backbone app has a dedicated section for PlayStation new releases and updated.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition draws its power from the iPhone it’s connected to so there is no need to charge it.

The device is available now from JB Hi-Fi and is priced at $179.95.