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Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas: Day 8 – Smartwatches


We’re up to Day 8 of the Tech Guide 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas where we present a new tech category everyday to make it easier to choose a product to give to your friends and family.

Today we’re taking a look at smartwatches – a relatively new category that’s really increasing in popularity.

Smartwatches are becoming even more functional and developers are creating apps specifically for these devices to make them even more useful.

Here are the categories we’re covering in the Tech Guide 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas:

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Day 2: Cameras

Day 3: Wearables/Activity trackers

Day 4: Tablets

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Day 8: Smartwatches

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Day 10: Computers

Day 11: Sport Gadgets

Day 12: Headphones


The Gear S2 Classic
The Gear S2 Classic

SAMSUNG GEAR S2 – $499 (Gear S2), $598.99 (Gear S2 Classic)

Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Gear S2 has a dazzling round face with a circular Super AMOLED touchscreen.

The stylish device has a rotating bezel around the face which lets users move through the menus and apps without blocking the screen.

The Gear S2 is running the Tizen operating system and is compatible with any Android smartphone.

You can see notifications at a glance, calendar appointments and emails as well as all of your daily steps and calories burned.

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The apps are accessible with a press of the digital crown
The apps are accessible with a press of the digital crown

APPLE WATCH – from $499

You know the smartwatch category has got plenty of potential when Apple gets involved.

The Apple Watch was released earlier this year and has already had a significant software update to make it even more functional.

Design-wise the Apple Watch is a standout with your choice of 38mm and 42mm versions.

The entry level sports models are available in silver, black, rose gold and gold then you move up to the stainless steel watch in silver and black.

At the top of the line is the Apple Watch Edition made out of real gold and real rose gold for those customers where money is no object.

Developers have truly embraced the Apple Watch with thousands of apps now available.

Apart from your notifications on the Apple Watch, you can also see emails, control your music and also track your activities.

And of course Apple Watch will only work with the iPhone.

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HUAWEI WATCH – from $549

The Huawei Watch reflects the journey of the company in recent years with a transformation from budget brand to premium quality.

The watch is certainly high-end and has a luxurious feel. You get that feeling right from the time you unbox it for the first time.

Its classic styling is complemented with the latest technology in the shape of a circular 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display.

Huawei Watch is running Android Wear so not only will it work with Android smartphones, it will also work with the iPhone as well.

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Luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has been making watches for 150 years and it has brought that heritage to the 21st century with its first smartwatch.

The TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch was created in partnership with Google and Intel and is made from grade two titanium and has a watchface with a diameter of 46mm.

User will see notifications within the three chronographs at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock.

It also has a water resistance rating of IP67 and will pair with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

But it’s not cheap – although what TAG Heuer watch is?

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