Modern technology gives us many things.

Office Gadgets That Enhance Productivity


Since the industrial revolution, workplace productivity has solely depended on the physical capabilities and motivation of the workers. Many manual labor tasks only require a non-disabled adult to perform a task successfully.

However, the new era of industrialization has given a sharp rise to technological marvels that were once considered unfathomable.

Technology has allowed work to be less physically intensive on the worker’s body. Functional office tools have increased productivity and positive work-life balance maintenance.

However, workplace productivity can be hindered by several factors. Whether it’s dealing with rowdy colleagues or an overbearing manager at the office or dealing with noisy children or neighbors when you’re working remotely, there will always be a factor obstructing you from performing at your best.

Hence it is best to create a workplace environment conducive to productivity at all times. However, because you may not have control over certain factors such as human behavior and loud traffic outside, you can look to office gadgets to enhance your overall productivity.

Here are nine office gadgets that enhance productivity.

Standing Desk

It is no secret that sitting for 8 hours straight can be strenuous to one’s spine. If you spend a prolonged time sitting and bending over your desk, you will quickly get tired. Exhaustion will decrease your attention span and deter your concentration ability.

A standing desk highly improves your productivity by allowing you to work while in a standing position. The desk is height adjustable and may be used to lift your laptop to eye level, relieving pressure off your spine. That said, if you aren’t too sure how to choose a standup desk, you should look at informative product reviews to decide which is best for you and your office space.

If you are skeptical about the benefits of a standing desk, familiarize yourself by watching a video review on choosing a standup desk.

Desktop Calendar

Whether you are a remote or in-office worker, you will have to juggle your tasks promptly. A desktop calendar is the next best option if you don’t have access to a personal assistant to remind you of upcoming meetings and deadlines.

A good desktop calendar must have an open system functionality that will integrate your emails, phone contacts, and work schedule. The calendar must have a reminder functionality to send you alerts of upcoming meetings or submission deadlines.

The most crucial aspect of a desktop calendar and what separates it from a physical calendar is its intuitiveness of the user interface. You may use any ordinary calendar to schedule events; however, a desktop calendar with intuitive functionalities can organize events with just a press of a button.

Monitor Mount Stand

As mentioned above, working on a desk can be severely straining to your neck and spine. Mounting your screen on a stand will help adjust your monitor to eye level. The adjustable functionality will help you sit or stand comfortably while getting your work done.

Another benefit of using a mounted monitor is that it declutters your workspace and makes space for other productivity enhancement tools such as keypads, a computer mouse device, and speakers. If you are working in a small office space, it is recommended to mount your screen on the wall.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Like the standup desk, an ergonomic chair is adjustable and takes the pressure off your back. The chair rests on wheels that give you mobility around your office. The chair has significant padding to support your lower spine and overall posture.

The chair’s curved back mechanism maintains the natural posture of your spinal cord, hence relieving pressure from your shoulders and upper back. The adjustability of the standup chair promotes blood circulation and increases overall worker productivity.

Wireless Gadgets

Efficiency is an essential aspect of a sustainable workflow. Wireless gadgets such as a computer mouse, keyboard, noise-canceling headphones, and speakers contribute to a workplace environment that encourages efficiency and is highly conducive to long productivity spans.

Wireless gadgets with Bluetooth functionalities allow you to connect and work on your desktop from a workable distance.

Extra Screen Or Monitor

Working in an office environment requires multitasking while sustaining a good time management schedule. Adding an extra screen or monitor will allow you to separate tasks and maintain oversight on them simultaneously.

A second screen will declutter your virtual workspace allowing you to concentrate on one task while closely monitoring the other.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses/Spectacles

One office gadget that often gets overlooked is spectacles with blue light blocking technology. The spectacles protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by desktops and laptops. The blue light is known to interrupt and negatively impact your sleep schedule by suppressing your melatonin production levels.

This may be the reason why you struggle to sleep after a long night of working on your computer, even though your body is physically tired.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Due to the digital migration shift that most employers and employees are embarking on, many meetings have been moved to virtual communication platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meets. Noise-canceling headphones are typically the best option to ensure you are audible and not overpowered by third-party noise disturbances.

The best noise-canceling headphones are equipped with an in-built microphone that tracks and amplifies your voice while canceling foreign sounds.

Wi-Fi Router

The last gadget you need to maintain workplace productivity is an ultra-fast internet connection and a router to deliver the highest internet speed threshold. A stable and fast internet connection comes in handy during virtual meetings on online communication tools.

The speedy connection allows you to open and close tabs on your screen quickly; to download documents or computer programs that you need to complete your work successfully.

Maintaining a high level of productivity is a crucial aspect of the workplace. Hence employers have invested in creating a workplace environment fully equipped with productivity enhancement technologies conducive to a positive and vibrant atmosphere.

Remote workers are responsible for creating this environment themselves; however, the tools to create a conducive workplace are easily accessible and often do not require manual labor. Furthermore, when working from home, you can also customize your office decor to your preferences and make the space more comfortable and cozy, which is a perk that traditional environments don’t offer.