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Kindle Touch now available for Australian customers



The latest Kindle model – the Kindle Touch – is now available to Australian customers for direct shipping from the Amazon website. The popular eReader has a 6-inch screen and wi-fi connectivity.

Priced at $US139, the Kindle Touch has an all-new touch interface and just one home button on the front of the device.

Turning pages is as simple as lightly brushing or tapping the screen to move forward or back. Selecting books to read is just a matter of tapping on the title on the home screen.

Users are able to access the Kindle Store using the built-in wi-fi connection on the device and download books in less than 60 seconds.

You can read comfortably on the e-ink screen which is sharp and clear even in bright light and offers no reflection.

Readers can choose from eight font size and three different font style.

The Kindle Touch is now available for Australian customers from Amazon

The Kindle Touch also features a text-to-speech function where the device will actually read the book to you.

With 4GB of internal memory, the Kindle Touch can store up to 3000 books so there’s no worry of not having your favourite books with you if you’re travelling or on holiday.

The Kindle Touch from Amazon is available now to order for $US139 plus shipping costs.

And with our dollar so strong now against the US dollar, this price will be even better for Australian customers.

The entry level Kindle and Kindle Keyboard – both with non-touch screens – are available to purchase now in Dick Smith and Big W stores.

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