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HTC unveils new modular Cosmos VR headset series


HTC continues to innovate in the VR space and it has just released the new Vive Cosmos series which offers modular faceplates to expand the functionality of the device.

HTC’s Vive Cosmos is a PC-based VR system that can be adapted to improve the customer experience.

The new range includes the Vive Cosmos Elite, the Vive Cosmos XR and the Vive Cosmos Play which offer excellent video, audio and build quality to completely immerse the user.

Now with the interchangeable faceplates users are able to improve their system over time and unlock even more features and functionality.

Each Vive Cosmos has the same display with a resolution of 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution which an 88 per cent increase over the original Vive so images and text are pin sharp.

The onboard LCD panels also reduce the distance between pixels to greatly reduce the screen door effect.

Vive Cosmos also has a flip up design so users can easily enter and leave their virtual world as well as a comfortable ergonomic design.

“Our customers want an incredible VR experience and we are proud to announce a new family of products tailor-made for VR use-cases of all types,” said Yves Maître, CEO, HTC.

“Vive Cosmos is truly the most versatile headset yet. From consumers just discovering VR for the first time to the demanding business user, Vive Cosmos offers stellar quality, comfort, and the ability to evolve VR and XR journeys over time – from changing faceplates to adding options like wireless.”


The Vive Cosmos Elite comes with external trackers to offer a premium and precise VR session and also supports the Vive ecosystem of peripherals including the Vive tracker and the Wireless Adapter for an untethered VR experience.

It includes a pre-installed external tracking faceplate, two SteamVR external base stations and two Vive controllers.

The external tracking faceplate can be purchased separately as a stand-alone accessory later this year for $349 to upgrade the Vive Cosmos or the Vive Cosmos Play.

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite will be available to pre-order from February 24.


The Vive Cosmos adds additional tracking height which uses inside-out tracking.

The six onboard cameras provide additional waist tracking with two additional cameras.


The Vive Cosmos Play is the entry level model which allows people to start their VR journey.

The device uses four camera inside-out tracking to offer a premium experience that can be updated so it can grow to meet your needs over time.

This model is also an ideal choice for businesses and museums as an easy-to-use VR option for public VR experiences.


This is a stand-alone edition which brings the powerful XR passthrough cameras to the Vive Cosmos for the first time.

It will be released in Q2 as a developer kit.