Modern technology gives us many things.

Dakota Side Table is functional furniture – it has a Bluetooth speaker and chargers onboard


Today we’re surrounded by technology and we’ve got content to stream and devices to charge. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an attractive and functional piece of furniture that can blend into our décor but also meet our tech needs? As a matter of fact, there is.

It’s called the Dakota Side Table from the Australian company Chapman Trading Co.

The beautifully crafted circular table might look like regular table but it actually has under the hood – four Bluetooth speakers, a 6000mAh battery, Qi wireless charging, two USB ports for wired charging and an AUX input.

The Dakota Side Table is supported by three wooden legs and is available in two wood finishes – Ash Tree (light) and Walnut (dark) – so you can match your existing décor.

It’s 65cm tall and 40.8cm wide so it’s not going to take up a lot of room.

Tech Guide received one of each to review and we were immediately impressed by the quality and craftsman ship.

This isn’t a speaker with legs on it.

It’s a piece of furniture first and foremost that’s been strongly built to accommodate useful technology that we can have at our fingertips without the clutter that would exist if these were all presented separately.

There is a nice cloth cover around the edges of the table that covers the speaker grill but you still wouldn’t know it was a speaker unless you heard it or someone told you it was a speaker.

And what a speaker it is.

The four speakers are positioned to deliver 360-degrees of great quality audio and impressive bass.

At the top volume they provide a room-filling sound.

Users can easily pair their device to the table to stream their music to play through the powerful onboard speakers.

And it can even handle your phone calls. You can make and receive calls hand-free while your smartphone is paired to the table.

Having the Dakota Side Table within reach means you can also rest your Qi-wireless compatible smartphone in the centre of the table so you can charge it.

If you prefer a cable or can only charge your smartphone with a cable then there are two USB charging ports on the side edge to recharge your battery.

The Dakota Side Table has a 6,600mAh rechargeable battery onboard so it can be moved where you need it like a portable speaker.

On a full charge, you’ll get about eight hours of playback.

The controls on the side are nicely embroided into the cloth speaker cover.

When you turn it on, there are voice responses so you know right away when it’s in pairing mode and when it’s found a connection.

The Dakota Side Table is a beautiful piece of furniture. The fact it also has all of this tech under the hood makes it even more attractive for customers.

The Dakota Side Table is available now in two wood finishes – Ash Tree (light) and Walnut (dark) – and is priced at $499 with free shipping around Australia and $20 shipping to New Zealand.