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Belkin launches new WeMo products into its home automation ecosystem


Belkin has launched two more products in the WeMo home automation range to provide even greater control and also gain valuable understanding about your energy use.

The two products are WeMo Maker, which is available now, and the Insight Switch which will be available in Australia in the coming months.

WeMo’s home automation ecosystem already includes switches, sensors, light switches and light bulbs which can controlled remotely and also programed to create various outcomes or scenarios using the WeMo smartphone and tablet app.

WeMo Maker takes that a step further and is a switch that you can adapt to control or monitor any low voltage device.

The WeMo Maker
The WeMo Maker

It will work, for example, with a home sprinkler system or an electronic door lock.

Some electrical wiring knowledge is required but once it’s hooked up you can control the product or also use it in conjunction with other sensors like light sensors, moisture sensors and temperature sensors to name a few.

It will also work with IFTTT (If This Then That) recipes as well to connect with a number of internet services and applications like email and social media.

In the case of the home sprinkler system, the WeMo maker can not only allow control and the ability to set schedules but it can programmed to not turn on if it’s raining using an IFTTT recipe.

Some wiring knowledge is required to fit the WeMo Maker
Some wiring knowledge is required to fit the WeMo Maker

In the case of the electronic lock, customers can use WeMo Maker to unlock the door remotely.

Your child may have forgotten their house key and rather than having to drive all the way home to let them in, you can just unlock the door from the WeMo app from anywhere thanks to the WeMo Maker.

The WeMo Insight Switch can turn electronics off and on from anywhere you are connected using the WeMo app on and Android smartphone or tablet or on the iPhone or iPad.

But the Insight Switch offers just that – an insight into the amount of electricity the connected product is using.You can not only monitor the cost of usage and turn the product on or off at any time but you also set up rules about when the electronics can be used.

The WeMo Insight Switch
The WeMo Insight Switch

For example, the WeMo Insight Switch may be set up to not allow the PlayStation or Xbox gaming console to be used between 4pm and 6pm so your child can finish their homework before they play.

Or if a certain device is used for a nominated time period it is switched off or unable to be used after a certain time – like the TV at bedtime.

The WeMo Maker is available now and is priced at $149.95 while the WeMo Insight Switch will be priced at $99.95 when it is released in July.