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Can You Lose Money in Cryptocurrency?


This is an era when bitcoins popularity has reached unexpected heights. It has made many people millionaire, while there are still some people who are still confused about investing in digital currency. They always have a question in their mind that is there any possibility that they will lose their money in Cryptocurrency. Astonishingly, there was a time when no one was even having a little idea about Cryptocurrency.

But suddenly, some of the cryptocurrencies like bitcoins were introduced on the internet. These attracted the public from a different region of the world. Some people made sound revenues from it while others have considered its store of value and waiting for the moment when the matter will exceed their expectations. It is a versatile currency that faces regular fluctuation in value, but some possibilities raise the chances of losing your valuable money in cryptocurrencies. For a safe investment just visit


The HoDL here refers to Hold on for dear life, which is the most common type of mistake made by the users. They invest in some kind of Cryptocurrency and avoids the situation when the prices of that digital currency are plunging on a regular basis. They actually have a mindset that value will indeed get recovered in the future. This is a point that makes them regret as the value of the currency falls to completely unpiloted points.

They are left with nothing rather than lamenting at that time. one can easily prevent such a situation by implying the stop loss tool, which sets a specific limit of loss as the users will not face loss beyond that limit. Holding the Cryptocurrency for getting better returns is a different thing, and when one is getting a confirmed idea that there is no expected rise in value, then he should immediately sell-off that crypto.

Unassured tips

If you search on the internet for tips that can make your trading of cryptocurrencies much better, then you will get an endless number of options. It is a reality as there are several unrecognized experts available on the internet who offer a fake tip to the beginners who easily believe them and make a move. The disappointing part is that when they apply such activities in their bitcoin trading, they are not able to sustain for long and suffer a huge loss.

In recent types, there has been a massive rise in such fraud acts noticed, and stills, people are ignoring this. You should understand that you have invested your valuable money in Cryptocurrency. So, it would be better if you will conduct research and make a move then than relying on the knowledge of any third person. If you will understand, then it is really impossible to have even a slight chance of losing the money.


If you have been involved in the world of digital currencies for a long time, then you would surely have heard about the term fear of missing out. When it comes to crypto trading like bitcoin trading, there is a big basket of confusion that ruins can ruin the experience of the people. The fear of missing out is the most common type of emotion which usually comes to mind for every kind of bitcoin trader., and you will be shocked to know that some of the people have lost a very unbearable amount of money only because of this situation.

As the value of the bitcoins has risen to new heights, no one was having even a little idea about such huge jumps. People thought of selling their bitcoin at that money as they felt that it would not rise to higher points. But their observation got wrong as bitcoin crossed the value mark of $ 50000, which was not less than an achievement. These people are regretting the loss which they have faced due to fear.

Inappropriate links

Several cryptocurrency owners have reported that they receive plenty of inappropriate links on a regular basis from the time they have investing in digital currencies. These links are operated by hackers who try to trap the bitcoins owners. When the users click on these links, the hackers got complete access to their bitcoin’s wallet.

The worst part is that they simply misuse their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, which are even untraced. It is really a matter of concern, and you can face a severe loss just by making this simple mistake of licking on these links.