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How you can update to the Windows 10 Anniversary edition


The Windows 10 Anniversary edition has just begun rolling out and is available to users around the world with a simple update that will bring with it a plethora of new features.

The latest version of the popular operating system will include new security features like Windows Hello, a more advanced and intuitive Cortana digital assistant, tighter gaming integration with the Xbox and an all-new version of the Microsoft Edge browser.

So how do you get the update?

Here’s what you have to do:

Go to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.


In Windows Update click Check for Updates


You will see the Anniversary Edition as Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1607. Click update to download and install.


Once you’ve gone through the update – here are the features you can enjoy:

  1. Windows Ink brings the power of Windows to the tip of your pen

Available for the first time in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Ink lets you quickly and easily take notes, sketch on a screenshot or draw out an idea.


  1. Windows Hello for apps and websites.

New Windows Hello features make it easy for you to use the same easy, yet strong, security of Windows Hello with Windows apps and Microsoft Edge.


  1. Increased power efficiency.

The Anniversary Update includes even more power saving improvements to Microsoft Edge to give you the most out of your PCs battery life. Also available with the Anniversary Update Microsoft Edge Extensions are coming to the Windows Store, such as Pinterest Pin It Button, Amazon Assistant, AdBlock, Adblock Plus and LastPass. These extensions will help you personalize your browsing experience even further.

  1. Cortana helps you be more productive

Cortana will be available above your lock screen so you can do things like ask questions, play music from your PC or set a reminder without unlocking your device. Cortana can save and recall key information across your devices, like your frequent flier number or where you parked at the airport.


  1. Windows Store is a one-stop shop for play and work

You can access your favorite apps, games, movies, music and more in the Windows Store including games only for Windows 10 and Xbox. The new store simplifies the shopping experience and will feature a new look, higher quality content, subscription offerings, bundles and pre-orders. With Xbox Play Anywhere, shoppers can pre-order their favorite games before launch, then play on either their Windows 10 PC or Xbox One the day of availability. This gives gamers more options of where to play their favorite games.