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Essential Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Windows PC Healthy


The first personal computer was introduced in 1974. Since then a lot of things have changed in a personal computer. However, today, PC is still made up of essentials like a processor, memory, hard disk, and a screen.

Maintaining all of these are critical for a perfectly functioning PC. It’s easy to take care of the hardware, but failing to care for the software can degrade your PC’s optimal performance levels.

Things like getting rid of junk files, optimizing the registry, finding and deleting useless apps help keep your PC in great health.

Why PC Maintenance is Important

  • Speed up your computer: Updated hardware & software ensures your PC is running on the latest technology. It enables faster processing speeds and, in turn, a faster computer.
  • Prevent viruses and malware: Viruses & malware usually work by targeting loopholes present in your installed apps or operating system. Software manufacturers make up for this by pushing out the latest updates to fill in these loopholes and prevent malware attacks. However, if you fail to update your apps as a part of your routine PC maintenance, the chances are that your PC might get vulnerable over time.
  • Optimize System performance: Over time, old unused programs tend to gather junk files on your system, leading to the fragmentation of new files on the drive. It means lesser responsiveness. Getting rid of junk files and defragmenting drives ensure your system works at its optimum performance level.
  • Early detection of problems: Prevention is always better than cure. It is also true with PC maintenance. Regularly running maintenance checks ensures that you can find out problems that can become critical with time.

Tips to Improve your Windows PC performance

1. Cleaning your PC

During daily usage, our PCs tend to collect a lot of junk & redundant files. These compose of windows temporary files, browser cache files, unnecessary app files, and more. Over time, the accumulation of such files can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. It results in annoying low disk space warnings & may also result in noticeable PC slowdown issues.

Cleaning up such files helps in maintaining free space on your drive and a more responsive PC.

If you’re too tied up to do it manually, some apps are there that are built to do this for you automatically. One of such apps is ‘Advanced SystemCare’ from IObit. It is a PC tune-up utility that scans for and repairs junk files along with protecting your data 

2. Registry Cleaning

The heart of a Windows PC is its registry. The Registry is a database that contains critical information that Windows continually references while operating.

However, overtime the registry gets cluttered with useless files and references that are no longer in use. This causes the registry to bulk up and takes windows more time to find the right entries to programs.

This makes it utmost necessary to keep your registry clean from junk for optimum performance. Deleting unnecessary files from registry makes sure that all references in the registry are valid and windows can easily find the correct references. This makes sure that your PC functions correctly, and remains fast all the time.

3. Keep Windows & Other Programs Up-to-Date

From time to time, Microsoft pushes out important updates to its software. They make sure that any loopholes in the OS are patched up to keep you safe from looming threats that take advantage of them. To get the benefit, you must regularly update Windows and use only the latest versions.

Alongside, third-party apps also work on similar lines by providing the latest updates to their apps. These updates make up of bug fixes, enhanced features, compatibility updates, and security patches.

Updating all your installed apps to their latest version not only prevents security breaches but also makes sure they run on their optimum value.

4. Uninstall Unused Programs

On your PC, there might be some programs that are no longer in use. Such apps though not active, can still run in the background & consume vital resources like system memory & disk space, which leads to a slower working PC.

Apart from that, you might tend to ignore their updates that can expose your PC to security vulnerabilities.

5. Keep Device Drivers Updated

Drivers are a key medium of communication between your system software and connected hardware devices. The most common problem faced by not updating your drivers is a performance slowdown or, in the worst-case, unresponsive devices.

Most common issues with outdated drivers arise in video & audio output, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, system lags & crashes, and more.

6. Defragmentation

Defragmentation helps bring together clusters of data associated with programs. Not defragmenting your drives can lead to a slower, unresponsive system, leading to higher start-up times for your windows. In worst cases, highly fragmented disks can lead to computer freeze or even crash beyond recovery.

7. Protection Against Viruses and Malware

Windows OS is highly vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. Certain viruses can lead to serious issues like loss or leak of sensitive data. Other than that, some malware can stick on your PC and drain precious resources like memory and hard drive space.

If you want to keep your system free from viruses & malware, you must install a good antivirus program on your system.

Benefits of PC Maintenance Tools

Keeping your PC healthy is necessary to keep it working in optimum condition. However, doing manually all of the above can be overwhelming and, at times, time-consuming. There are many third-party apps available in the market that can help you get this task done with minimal time and effort.

These apps can look for all the problem areas in your PC and sort them out automatically, saving you your time, effort and yet keeping your PC healthy all the time.

IObit, for instance, has a lot of PC tune-up programs like Advanced SystemCare, Uninstaller, Software Updater, Smart Defrag & more. These apps work tirelessly in the background and help maintain your PC at its optimum performance state. Moreover, if you have been using IObit products for a long time and plan to purchase or renew your existing subscription, you can search for IObit coupon codes and get the best discounts on your subscription.


To conclude, ignoring routine maintenance tasks of your PC can cause serious problems in the long run. To avoid getting stuck with a slow, unresponsive PC, regular maintenance either manually or through any good PC maintenance tool is necessary.