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JB Hi-Fi launches online storefront to stream your favourite movies


jbhifiuv3JB Hi-Fi has announced a partnership with CSG Systems International to launch its online movie storefront for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Already Australia’s largest retailer of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, JB Hi-Fi will set up an online portal to support UltraViolet – a way to create a digital library in the cloud so you can access your movies anywhere and on any device.

Users can obtain an UltraViolet code when they buy a specially marked DVD or Blu-ray movie.

This code can now be redeemed at JB Hi-Fi’s digital storefront so users can build their digital library and replicate their collection in the cloud.

Customers can create a free account and download the free JB Hi-Fi NOW Video software or mobile apps to stream to smartphones and tablets and download to computers and devices for offline viewing.

It is free to access and manage your account but downloads and streams will impact data allowances on your mobile service and home internet plans.

The JB Hi-Fi online UltraViolet storefront

“JB Hi-Fi wanted to be first to market with UltraViolet to sustain our brand leadership,” said George Papadopoulos, technology director for JB Hi-Fi.

“We chose CSG Content Direct because CSG was the only company that could meet our aggressive UV launch schedule and deliver the kind of world-class content experience we wanted for our customers.”

CSG Content Direct brings many of Hollywood’s largest studios to the market with online storefronts and UltraViolet offerings around the world.

“The JB Hi-Fi launch showcases Content Direct’s ability to drive UltraViolet’s international expansion and allow retailers to become serious players in the digital content delivery arena,” said CSG vice president of business development Jim Benz.

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